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  1. Firesage Checkout - for PayPay Digital Goods
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    Firesage Checkout, which makes implementing PayPal for Digital Goods into your website a snap! With Firesage Checkout, you can quickly start accepting PayPal payments, and create encoded, time-bombed download links that obscure the original file location to enhance product and website security.The entire process happens in just a few steps, and works like this:- A customer clicks the Buy Now ...
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    Prima Members is easy to use open source membership management system with integrated shopping cart. Features of Prima Members:- Product Management- Member Control- Members Settings- Newsletter- Mailer Settings (allows changing the mailer settings using this page)- System e-mail (edit system e-mail templates)- Statistics- Activity Log- Coupons and Discount System Management- Administrator Management- Security Settings- Design Manager Requirements:- PHP 4.1 or ...
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    WP Marketplace is a WordPress plugin for running an online store, complete with a shopping cart utility which can be used for selling physical and digital products the same. Features of WP Marketplace:- Manage store through the WP backend- Manage stocks- Coupons- Manage taxes- Price variations- Product variations- Discount manager- Pricing tables- Shipping options- Multiple payment gateways- PayPal payment integration- ...
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    php virtual table is a PHP stand-alone shopping cart utility which works out of the box, but can also be easily integrated with more complex e-commerce solutions. It is highly flexible and simple to administrate. If needed, it can export cart data to a CSV file. What's New in This Version:- Interface and abstract class added- Redundant functions are deleted- ...
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    Free PHP Shopping cart is a free PHP package that allows users to have their own, customizable, built in shopping cart. The cart is designed to help your customers easily and manage items in their shopping cart, and to give a choice in payment.Features of Free PHP Shopping Cart:- Add Items From Any HTML Page- Easy For Customers To Use ...
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    E-Store Kit-2 is the complete storefront and full-featured shopping cart solution. Features of E-Store Kit-2:- Powerfull catalog management system with extensive customization capabilites. - Supports different types of payment gateways (merchants) to accept online payments. - Unlimited amount of products of any type with icons and pictures. - Can be customized and integrated into any existing website through its template-based ...
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    E-Store Kit-2 (PHP) is the complete easy-to-use web store to sell intangible (downloadable) products online. For example: eBooks, PDFs, MP3s, MIDIs, Scripts, Software Applications, Flash, Graphic files, etc. THe script is a PHP/MySQL database-driven catalog and shopping cart with instant secure download of purchased products. E-Store Kit-2 (PHP) is built-in support of all Internet payment providers with real-time payment verification ...
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    E-Store Kit 1 is a fully customizable Web Store to sell tangibles with various options, such as size, color etc. E-Store Kit-1 Shopping Cart supports different types of payment gateways (merchants) to accept online payments.No programming skills is required.
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    Store Manager for X-Cart is a Windows application to quickly and effectively manage your X-Cart online store. You can add, delete and update your products, categories and manufacturers, automatically upload your product images while editing products, categories, manufacturers, view reports, orders, export/import products, backup/restore database, manage product attributes, manage global store settings. All this from your desktop computer.
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    eCatalog - Professional Edition is web / multimedia CD catalog software for both business as well personal album. A Business Enterprise can build category driven product catalog with highly customizable styles, user defined language and powerful features, without any technical skills. Catalog contain power search, categorized navigation, thumbnail viewing, shopping cart with payment gateway.
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    Discount Code module for osCommerce allows you to assign a discount code to a product, category (for each product of this category) and total order. You can specify a fixed discount rate or a percentage of the total order, set expiration date and minimum order amount for a discount code. Customer gets a discount by clicking a link or inserting ...
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    ApPHP Shopping Cart ecommerce software is a PHP/MySQL open-source e-commerce system. It is a fully customizable shopping cart, specially designed for web. ApPHP Shopping Cart allows visitors to collect items in a virtual shopping cart over multiple product web pages without losing the items ordered. The script provides all necessary features including multi-currency and multi-language support.
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    Simple IPN: Free Paypal IPN PHP Script for Digital Download Products is a very simple script that will allow you to start selling digital products with Paypal quickly. Setup is very easy. No database setup is required. Just update the settings.php, upload the files and link to "ipn.php?buy" and you are all set. Features of Simple IPN: Free Paypal IPN ...
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    We offer a free price comparison script Shopzilla Comparison Shopping Script that you can install in your site and begin to make money using the Shopzilla Publisher Program and Google Adsense. Features of Shopzilla Comparison Shopping Script:- Very easy to install- SEO friendly- Google Sitemaps enables- RSS
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    VaM Cart is an open Source CakePHP Based Shopping cart. Features of VaM Cart:- Easy Installation.- SEO - Search Engine Optimization.- Unlimited Categories, Products.- CakePHP, MVC, Smarty.- Multi Language, Multi Currency.- Templatable.- Open Source.- Automatic Image Resize.- Product Reviews.- Coupons...
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