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  1. CF Captcha
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    CF Captcha is a Simple PHP Anti-Spam Captcha Script based on PHP/GD, to help prevent web robot from flooding your Comments, Guestbooks, Contact forms or any other online application susceptible to spam.One of the main Features of this script is that it alternates between a simple math problems (Additions, subtraction and multiplication sums) and a random spring of characters.Requrements:- PHP ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    This PHP script can be used to create a smart intelligent CAPTCHA field. It provide a smart question to authenticate users as a human. It can generate a question from a list of few possibilities picking random values of colors or numbers. The correct answer is stored in a session variable for subsequent verification.Requirements:- PHP 4.3 or higher
  3. Image-Based CAPTCHA for PHP
    843 total visits
    Confident CAPTCHA is a unique, image-based CAPTCHA that stops spam and bots in a way that is easy and intuitive for your Web site visitors. Rather than forcing people to decipher warped and distorted characters or words, Confident CAPTCHA presents a grid of randomly-generated pictures and simply asks the user to click on specific pictures to verify that they are ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    Math Guard can be used to perform CAPTCHA validation presenting simple mathematical expressions to the users to make it difficult for robots to pass a form being validated. It displays a mathematical expression of a sum between two random numbers and asks the user to enter the result in a text form input. Math Guard generates an hash of the ...
  5. No Screenshot
    269 total visits
    This class can be used to generate images for CAPTCHA validation.It can generate an image with random validation text on it obfuscated by a given background image.The generated image is stored in JPEG format in an a given directory. The validation text is stored in session variable for posterior validation.
  6. No Screenshot
    305 total visits
    This class can be used to generate images for CAPTCHA validation.It can generate an image with a random validation text over a noise background.The generated image is served as the current script output in JPEG or PNG format.The class returns the rendered text string for later validation. It uses a configurable TrueType font to render the text. The text color, ...
  7. No Screenshot
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    DEA Captcha can be used to display CAPTCHA images and validate forms that use them to verify whether the user is really a human or a robot. It can generate an image with a random text taken from a text file. The text is rendered using TrueType fonts over a background of random faded text letters and background images. The ...
  8. No Screenshot
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    This class can be used to Generate and validate CAPTCHA images.It can generate an image with a random text made of hexadecimal digits.The class stores the text in a session variable for posterior verification.The image is served as the current script output in PNG format.
  9. BreezingForms - Forms for Joomla!
    1862 total visits
    BreezingForms - Forms for Joomla! offers three interfaces for non-programmers, designers and technicians! Create powerful and ergonomic forms in minutes. Includes useful features like file upload progress bar, summary pages, turn fields on/off, effects and more.BreezingForms - Forms for Joomla! is composed by three modes:- QuickMode: A form editor for the non-programmer and people who want their forms to be ...
    1802 total visits
    This script can be used to implement CAPTCHA validation using colored boxes that the user must click which are validated using AJAX requests.It renders a grid of boxes on which only one box is colored differently to indicate the user must click it.The script sends an AJAX request to the server passing the coordinates of the user clicks until a ...
  11. No Screenshot
    3828 total visits
    DRBImageVerification is a simple anti-spam image verification, or CAPTCHA, script. It allows you to add a challenge-response test to your existing PHP powered forms to prevent automated spam postings.Features:- Quick and easy to install.- Verification string length and character list are configurable.- Requires a session cookie, for additional obscurity.- Includes an example PHP page demonstrating how to add a verification ...
  12. No Screenshot
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    Oziam Captcha is a PHP class that can be used to generate images for CAPTCHA validation. It generates an image with a random text obfuscated by a noise background image and random ellipse shapes. The text shown in the image is stored inside a session variable for validation need. Requirement: PHP 5 or Higher
  13. No Screenshot
    2079 total visits
    OpenCaptcha is a php script designed to dynamically create a captcha image in .png form. It uses a randomly chosen background to start with, then chooses a random string of a randomly chosen length, color, size, font, and orientation. Then it adds randomly coloured and placed lines to create an image that computers can't easily interpret.With OpenCaptcha, you can easily ...
  14. No Screenshot
    2099 total visits
    Lexperts Contact Form is the most easy to use contact form.Features:- All fields have a validation script.- Captcha validation check (Anti spam).- Phone number validation.- Add, edit and delete subjects.- You can edit your error messages.- The form style can be integrated into your existing website Stylesheet.- Very easy to integrate into any existing PHP page on your website.- You ...
  15. No Screenshot
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    Text On Image Adv is a simple class meant to generate images displaying customized text strings.You can put text on image, chosing coordinates, text color, TrueType font, rotation of the text and option to save image to a file of a given name.
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