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    php-form-builder-class is an Object-oriented php script designed to build HTML forms. It aims to promote rapid development of forms through an boject-oriented PHP structure, eliminate the grunt/repetitive work of writing the html and javascript validation when building forms, reduce human error by using a consistent/tested utility, incorporate complex elements such as jquery, google maps, tooltips, captcha, and html web editors ...
  2. PhpCaptcha - Visual and Audio PHP CAPTCHA Generation Script
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    PhpCaptcha is a PHP script for generating visual and audio CAPTCHAs, which can completely automated public turing test to tell computers and humans apart. It is created to prevent you from automated sign-ups in registration forms; to reduce comment spam in blogs and guestbooks; to protect you from brute force attacks on login system.Features of PhpCaptcha - Visual and Audio ...
  3. Pict Captcha
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    Drawings are universal way to represent real life objects. Even if they are distorted, they can be understood by children . But computers cannot recognize them as entities abstraction. This project is based on that concept, showing distorted drawings in a table and ask to select the correspondent images.
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    Confident Captcha is an unique, image-based CAPTCHA solution that stops spam and bots in a way that is easy and intuitive for website visitors. Rather than forcing people to decipher warped and distorted characters or words, Confident CAPTCHA presents the visitor with a grid of randomly-generated pictures and simply asks them to click on specific pictures to verify that they ...
  5. EM Captcha
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    EM Captcha is a Visual PHP captcha script from EM-Creations.co.uk, which is a simple and easy to implement PHP captcha script. Requirements: - GD Image Library - SQLite3 PHP Extentions
  6. Captcha
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    Captcha is a plugin to implement a CAPTCHA field in WordPress' web forms, which can insert a CAPTCHA field in login screens, password recovery pages, register screens and comment fields. Requirements:- WordPress 3.1 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Bulgarian language file was added to the plugin. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin ...
  7. NBSCaptcha
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    NBSCaptcha is a simple PHP CAPTCHA system and protects forms from spam bots and automatic form submissions. The system display a mathematical question and expects an answer to it before performing the user desired action. Developers can adjust the CAPTCHA field's border color, so it better fits into various website designs. A small demo is included with the download package.
  8. IRV
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    IRV is an image recognition CAPTCHA system and works by setting a session variable containing the correct answer. Therefore, if a session has not been started, the IRV library will have to be included before any output can occur.Meanwhile, it works by prompting the user to select a special image before redirecting (granting access) to his desired location.A demo is ...
  9. php-captcha-generator
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    This is a PHP script to generate security image CAPTCHAs which are genrated using thew GD library.These CAPTCHAs can be used to securize web forms and prevent bot and spam submissions.Requirements:- GD library
  10. No Screenshot
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    This is PHP security system about video CAPTCHA system to protect web forms against spam bots.Instead of the classic image-generated CAPTCHAs, this system uses a video in which letters of different colors are scrolled around the screen. The user is then asked to type the letters of a certain color to authenticate himself. The download contains a PHP library to ...
  11. PANDA Captcha
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    PANDA Captcha - PHP Captcha Human Verfication is a very simple, easy to follow, easy to customize PHP based captcha. This captcha can be easily integrated into any instance where a captcha may be wanted or necessary. Features of PANDA Captcha:- Easily integrated into any website / needed use.- Customizable.- Thorough example implementation included.
  12. Sec-code
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    This PHP script creats an image with a security code(know as "captcha") that can be used to protect. e.g. your guestbook from spam. It requires PHP 4.1.0 or Higher with session support and GD library. Why create an image? The answer is simple: any text that appears on a web page(even in a hidden input field) can be copied. In ...
  13. Fast Secure Contact Form
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    Fast Secure Contact Form is a free Contact Form PHP script which allows a users to easilly created and add contact forms to a web page. The form will let the user send emails to a site's admin. An adminstration panel is present, where the user can create and preview his forms. Features of Fast Secure Contact Form:- Super easy ...
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    This PHP script generate CAPTCHA validation fields out of images and fonts. It generate a random validation string, storing it in a session variable for ther user's validation entry.It than takes a random image from a folder and displays the text using a random font from anther folder. The final CAPTCHA image is served as the current script output in ...
  15. cCaptcha
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    This PHP script is created to generate CAPTCHA images and valiate text and image CAPTCHA fields. It can generate an image with 5 random letters and digits obfuscated by a few lines.The random text will be stored in a class variable for subsequent validation, and then the generated image is displayed in the PNG format as the current script output.Requirements:- ...
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