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    Strings can be word wrapped.Key Features of Text Helper Class:- Capitalize the first letter of all words of string- Count the number of non-whitespace characters, words, sentences in a string- Encode strings for displaying as HTML, in URLs, escaping quotes, as hexadecimal, as Javascript strings, and obfuscate e-mail addresses- Exclude given words from a string- Highlight PHP code- Indent strings- ...
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    PHP's standard functions for upper and lower casing don't work for special chars. casespecial.php class allows you to manage uppercase, lowercase, capitalize strings with special chars too.Functions of casespecial.php: - ucfirst(),- ucwords(),- strtolower(),- strtoupper(), - capitalize(), - capitalizewords().All functions can called by reference, use the get_ functions to get a string return and your original string unchanged.
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