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    QT-registration is a professional incident registration, reporting and analysing system. QT-registrations includes, disptaching, automatic notification, calendar planning, management reporting, statistic reports with trends analysis.Also allow location of tickets on map/satellite image (Google). Support several languages: EN, FR, NL. Support several databases: MySQL, SQL server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, FireBird, SQLite, Informix, DB2 and Access.
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    Drevo Export can be used to export event dates like birth dates from Drevo tool to Google Calendar.It can parse Drevo XML files to extract event data. Then it can communicate with Google Calendar site and submit the event data to a given user calendar.Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    phpEventCalendar is a mysql backed application that allows users to post and display events or notes on month-at-a-glance calendar. Because only authorized users can add events or posts, the calendar is perfect for organizations that want to communicate upcoming events to a larger audience. phpEventCalendar comes with a user administration panel, and two user levels. One user type can post ...
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    YourCalendar can be used to show a month calendar denoting days of events recorded in a MySQL database. It displays a month calendar in an HTML table. The calendar also shows links to browse to other calendar months or years.The table cells that correspond to days associated to events recorded in a MySQL table are rendered with a different style ...
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    PHP Calendar classes can be used to generate month calendars that can be used to pick dates in Web forms. It generates calendars in HTML with Javascript to navigate between the months and the years without page reloading.PHP Calendar classes can display multiple calendars in the same page and the calendar can be used to pick dates for use in ...
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    Google Calendar Wrapper can be used to register events in Google calendar. It accesses the Google Calendar site authenticating as a given user.For now Google Calendar Wrapper can only register a new event in the Google Calendar user, giving the event title, description, location, start and ending day and time.
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    Arabic Date Class can be used to convert dates from the Julian to the Arabic calendar. It can take a timestamp as argument and convert the day, month and year of the timestamp in the Julian calendar to the Arabic calendar.The format of the output Arabic data can be specified with a parameter string that defines which parts of the ...
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    Plugin Cal class is a plugin that implements a calendar custom input for the forms generation and validation class by Manuel Lemos.Plugin Cal class is based on the cal_class originally written by Andrea Bersi. The custom input implements a calendar data selection control that allows navigating between calendar months
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    iam_calendar can be used to display calendar of a given month in an HTML page.The days of the month of holidays or other events can be configured to be highlighted in a special way. The days of the month can rendered with form checkbox or radio inputs so they can be selected by the user.The presentation of the different parts ...
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    HTML Friends is a PHP wrapper to use DHTML widget scripts from the site dhtmlgoodies.com.Currently HTML Friends can wrap the DHTML widgets:- Floating window- Color picker- Calendar- Table- Order list- Tool tip- Roll menu- Tab
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    Active Calendar is a script that generates calendars for a given month or year as a HTML tables (XHTML-Valid). It is based on the PHP native date functions (default) and supports optionally the ADOdb Date Library. Supported dates (on systems using a 32-bit signed integer Unix time_t):- Using PHP native date functions: 1902 - 2037 (UNIX) and 1971 - 2037 ...
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    Kalender classes is a class that computes and displays month calendars in HTML table denoting days known to be holidays.Several presentation details may be configured including the locale dependent texts like the names of the months and holidays.Kalender classes comes with locale text definitions for German in a separate script but other scripts may be used to present the calendar ...
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    Calendar Component is a simple class that can be used to generate a calendar for a given month. It generates an HTML table that displays the days of one week per row.
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    Calendar date can be used to generate a popup control to select a date of the calendar. It is now possible to select as link only a day of week you prefer.Calendar date uses Javascript and HTML open a small layer when a button near a date text input is clicked. The popup layer displays a calendar with links to ...
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    Ajustable month calendar as a table, rowed with weeks. You can customize national months and days names (originally in KOI8-R) and month table width. You can get calendar for any month by them number (from 1) and year.
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