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    Yahoo Calendar can prove useful for sending schedules via email.In the email, an image that says something similar to "Add Event to Yahoo Calendar" can be hyperlinked. When this image is clicked on, provided the individual has a Yahoo account, the event would be added to his/her calendar.
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    CalMem class can display month calendars, highlighting the days of events that were previously stored in a MySQL database.CalMem can be used to present different calendars for multiple users as the event database records contain the identification of the user that records each event.
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    IMC Objects is a package of classes that are meant to provide an interface to access data of iCalendar and vCard files defined by the IMC (Internet Mail Consortium).The library can read and write files with the formats defined by IMC.
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    The calendar is monthly-based.Key Features of Calendar generation class:- Generates output any month of any year of the calendar.- Returns an HTML string that is compliant with XHTML.- Lets the HTML properties and data format of the calendar days table cells be customized in a subclass.
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    Event calendar class can be used to draw month calendars of events with diffenent colors. Events from MySQL database. Multiple events per day is also possible. For a particular event Event details is also available.Event calendar class can render a calendar as an HTML table with all days of all the weeks of a given month.It queries an events table ...
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    pCalendar Dayview generates HTML for an multiuser calendar with the possibility to have multiple entries at the same time. It provides means to add calendar appointments given the start date, end date, description and style.pCalendar Dayview displays the content of each appointment as big as possible in terms of the calculation of column and row span of table cells.
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    The user can change the month if desired. The cells of certain days may be customized to appear as links to pages with configurable URLs on which more details can be presented about the respective day.Key Features of PHPalm Calendar:- Generates valid XHTML validated by the W3C Validator.- Provides translations to 5 idioms: English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Adding ...
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    Smarty Calendar can generate a calendar of a given month and year using a Smarty template to define the calendar output.Smarty Calendar shows each month is broken down into weeks. These weeks are then easily displayed using a Smarty templates. The generated calendars include a form with select inputs to let the user browse a range of years and months.
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    Events and journal entries can be added, while to-do items can be listed. The base class can display the generated calendar as the current script output or serve it for download.Requirements:PHP 5.1 or higher
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    Calendar Events can display calendars that act as a Web interface to manage events and important dates recorded in a MySQL database.Calendar Events presents month calendars with links that can be used to add an event record to a given data, alter the event details, delete an event record and show more details about a given event.
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    The style and timezone offset can be configured. The calendar week can begin with either Sunday or Monday.
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    UTF-8 is used to encode Unicode characters of the month and day names in Farsi.
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    The year and month to be displayed are passed as parameters. Calendar Form generates an HTML table that displays the days of the given month.The week days appear at the top with names in Ukrainian, but they can be changed.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Persian Date can take a date of the Persian calendar and convert it to the Gregorian calendar and vice-versa. Dates in the Persian calendar can also be formatted like with the PHP date() function.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Multi-format calendar class can be used to display calendars in many different formats. It can display small, large and full year calendars.Multi-format calendar class can also display dates associated to registered events in a a different way. The presentation details of the calendars can be customized in an external configuration script.
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