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  1. Time Slots Booking Calendar
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    Time Slots Booking Calendar is a PHP/MySQL based booking engine which features an intuitive calendar interface and uses AJAX to allow users to browse through dates and easily book time slots from the calendar. Time Slots Booking Calendar can be easily installed onto any website and a simple piece of JavaScript code lets you integrate the booking engine into any ...
  2. Availability Booking Calendar by StivaSoft
    2936 total visits
    Availability Booking Calendar is a PHP/MySQL based calendar script that shows availability, allows online bookings, accepts online payments, manages reservations and clients. A highly customizable calendar booking system which can be used almost everywhere where booking functionality is needed. Used by thousands of website owners already! Availability Booking Calendar is very easy to install. An installation wizard script will set ...
  3. SuperCali PHP Event Calendar
    9561 total visits
    SuperCali is a PHP event calendar script that supports nested categories of events and multiple moderators, making it a good choice for organizations managing a large number of activities. SuperCali is designed to make data entry as easy and error-free as possible as well as provide a flexible, modular framework for displaying event information. SuperCali works with PHP and MySQL ...
  4. Easy PHP Calendar
    8168 total visits
    The Easy PHP Calendar is a powerful PHP calendar script that is easily integrated into web sites and is simple to customize. This attractive, full-featured calendar is suitable for display on a calendar of events page, home page, or any other page that needs a calendar. Key Features of Easy PHP Calendar:- mySQL database support- Flat-file database support - No ...
  5. LuxCal Web Based Event Calendar
    7001 total visits
    LuxCal is a free user-friendly and lightweight web based event calendar and will help users and organizations a tool to keep track of their events and tasks. It is feature rich and has been designed for user-friendliness and will help users to make error-free data inputs. The user interface colors are easy to customize. Features of LuxCal:- Easy to style- ...
  6. No Screenshot
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    The Visual Events Calendar is a PHP script that lets you display one or more months of the year, with the dates coloured to represent specified events. For example, that a day is available, fully-booked, unavailable, etc. Colours, fonts and event names can be fully customised. Now updated to allow sets of events. Check the Web site for a fully ...
  7. No Screenshot
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    Scripts are provided to parse Palm Desktop calendar, memo and address book files, and to convert them into an XML format or into iCalendar and vCard formats.
  8. No Screenshot
    151 total visits
    Weekly Schedule is a wordPress plugin to allow users to create weekly schedules displayed inside a post in table formats. Events will be displayed inside a tooltip. The calendar can be styled using CSS. All events can be added in the back-end. Requirements:- WordPress 2.8 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Changed way that Admin page URL is built ...
  9. No Screenshot
    330 total visits
    MF Gig Calendar is an events calendar for musician and bands running their site on WordPress. This plugin creates a special area in the WordPress administration panel where the webmaster (artist, band member, manager) can add events and their respective details. Using a sidebar widget or a shortcode ( [mfgigcal] ), these events can then be printed on the front-end ...
  10. PHPJabbers Availability Calendar
    1597 total visits
    PHPJabbers Availability Calendar script is PHP / MySQL calendar. The script uses very simple code to generate the calendar. You can embed the availability calendar onto your website using a small piece of HTML code. Ajax is used to load the calendar and also to navigate through the months.
  11. Calendar
    854 total visits
    Calendar is a PHP library for working with dates and calendar layouts. It can do lots of things, from a simple day count, to date formatting and up to time transformations. Some demos are included with the download package to get developers going on their own apps.
  12. No Screenshot
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    Silentum Event Calendar is a basic PHP calendar that you can integrate into your site effortlessly. It uses the time() and date() functions to operate, so the calendar is entirely accurate. The month and year are displayed at the top, as well as the days of the week. The current day on the calendar is highlighted so you can identify ...
  13. No Screenshot
    131 total visits
    Editorial Calendar is a WordPress plugin implements a new way for managing blog content. The editorial calendar improves any blog that plans posts in advance, has an overflow of new posts or takes contributions from multiple users. Features of Editorial Calendar:- Drag and drop publishing date editing.- Edit and arrange post titles.- Easily see the status of all posts.- Simple ...
  14. No Screenshot
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    JTV Calendar Widget is a PHP script for displaying Justin.tv live channels based on a Google Calendar schedule. It works by switching Justin.tv channels inside a PHP widget based on a schedule stored inside a Google Calendar. The widget can be used in powering an online TV station, which hosts its shows on Justin.tv. A demo is included with the ...
  15. Calendar Solution
    730 total visits
    Calendar Solution is a PHP-driven events calendar system. It allows an user to host his own events management system, and keep track of his agenda on his own. An optional API for WordPress Shortcodes is also provided. Features of Calendar Solution:- Calendar view- Detailed list- Summary table- Bullet list- iCalendar lists and items- Admin dashboard- Multiple database support
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