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    Dates can be parsed to determine their format through DateUtil.Key Features of DateUtil:- Internationalization- Date calculations- Missing value support- Formatting- Language support through configuration files. Supported languages are English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian, Greek, Czech, Norwegian, Argentinian, Russian, Japanese, Danish, Indonesian, Finnish.
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    A period of time can be subtracted from any date and the difference between two dates can be calculated.
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    The estimated download time is displayed in hours, minutes and seconds.Estimated Download Time also provides an utility functions to retrieve the size of a given file and also to convert a file size in bytes to KB, MB or GB.
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    The derivation and integration expressions of a string expressing a polynome, are calculated.
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    date can determine whether a specified year is bissextile or not.Key Features of date:- Compute the number of days since a given date and the beginning or end of the year- Calculate the time between two dates in years, months or days- Return the name of the month or day of the week of a given date- Check whether a ...
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    An amount of days can be added to or subtracted from a specified date. c_date can also calculate the difference of days between two dates, returning fractions of days as result. Use the round() or floor() to eliminate fractions.Limitations: c_date uses the strtotime() function to convert the dates into 32 bit integer timestamp values to perform the calculations. Therefore, c_date ...
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    Clase DateTimeManager takes as parameter a date with time in the ISO format as it is used also by MySQL. It can take an empty date string to specify the current date and time.A value of years, months, days, hours, minutes or seconds can be added or subtracted from the specified date. The resulting date is returned in the ISO ...
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    The difference of time between two given dates is stored in separate class variables as days, hours, minutes and seconds.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Web Page Size Calculator can fetch a Web page and analyse it to determine the total size of the page files including its elements.It may be used to figure if a page is taking too much bandwidth and time to load because its total size is too large. Once you determine the total size of your pages, you can take ...
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    Percentile takes a set of numeric values and can calculate an arbitrary percentile. The median (50%) and quartile (25%, 50%, 75%) can also be calculated.Requirements: PHP3.0 or higher
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    Eval Math can take an expression in a text string and evaluate it by replacing values of variables and calculating the results of mathematical functions and operations. It supports implicit multiplication, multivariable functions and nested functions.Eval Math can be used to evaluate expressions from untrusted sources. It provides robust error checking and only evaluates a limited set of functions. Graphs ...
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    Date & Time can be useful for forms where drop-downs are used to select time or dates.One method of Date & Time can be used to generate a select on the form and initialize its value by any variables. It can also check if the date is correct or empty, and get UNIX timestamp and date/time entered.
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    The current date can be used or a different one can be set.
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    Price Calculator can be used to perform several types of calculations with prices. It can calculate price variations with or without taxes considering different quantities and discount rates.
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    Class Salariu can be used to perform calculations of works employed in Romania.
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