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    EPSDownload can take the name of server side file or a string of data to generate the necessary HTTP response headers to serve the data as a download.The content type, description and cache control can be configured.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    This package can be used to cache data in files or other types of containers. There is a factory class that manages driver classes that implement the access the actual access to cache containers.The driver classes can store arbitrary data in containers given a cache data identifier and cache group name. Cached data may also be retrieved or removed explicitly.Currently ...
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    SpoolTemplate (SpTpl) is a report system based on templates. It allows to build reports from database queries using just few lines of code.Main Features of SpoolTemplate:- Based on XML configuration files (each report has its own configuration files)- To build a single report it requires few lines of PHP code as it is mainly based on the configuration files- Output ...
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    File cache class can cache arbitrary data in files in order to reduce the time necessary to regenerate pages or other types of data that does not change every time it is requested.Features of File cache class:- Safe locking of cache files to avoid data corruption caused by simultaneous accesses during cache file updates.- Portable locking schemes. Tested under Linux, ...
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    When a class is loaded it scans a given lists of directories for class script files that start with the class name and have specific file name extensions. Quickload may exclude scanning given sub-directories.Quickload script file found in scanned directories is loaded.The list of class scripts that is found may be cached in an INI file to avoid the overhead ...
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    Cache output and objects checks if a given cache file exists and is updated. If it is updated, it outputs the cached content. Otherwise it starts capturing the output of the current script.When the script is done outputting the content to be cached, it should call the class again to check the cache. Then the class updates the captured output.Cache ...
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    Content cache class can be used to cache content in files. It checks whether a given cache file exists. If it exists and is not expired, the class returns the cache file contents. If it has expired, the class removes the cache file.If the cache file does not exist, the class can create a new cache file with from fresh ...
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    GoogleMapAPI is a PHP library for the Google Map API. Features of GoogleMapAPI:- auto-geocode lookup,- geocode caching, - add markers and polylines by address or geocode, - enable/disable map features, - add map directions, - add map sidebar.
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    DbSimple is an abstraction package to access several types of SQL databases.Features of DbSimple:- Drivers to access MySQL, PostgreSQL and InterBase or FireBird- Can execute SQL query templates supporting conditional blocks- Caching of query results- Place holder query arguments- Execute operations to select and count total number of resulting rows- Retrieve query results in different modes: all result rows, one ...
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    Multi-server memcache interface can be used to store and retrieve cached data from distributed cached servers. It can connect to a memcache server from a list of servers to store and retrieve cached data.The memcache server that it connects depends on identifier of the key use to access each cached data item. So, data items are cached in different servers ...
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    Image Cache System can be used to store and retrieve images in a MySQL database.The images are cached in temporary disk files to avoid database access overhead.Image Cache System can store uploaded images keeping the original size or resized to a given width and height.It can also create cache files in a given directory of all stored images optionally with ...
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    mabp::cache can be used to capture and process the content of whole Web pages. It uses PHP output buffering support to capture the content of the current page.Before sending the captured pages content, it can execute several processing actions like: compressing the pages content, rewrite the URLs of links, images and forms, highlight words in the page text with a ...
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    AOP Library for PHP can be used to implement Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) by executing the code of classes that enable orthogonal aspects at run-time.The intention is to provide a means implement orthogonal aspects in separate classes that may be interesting add to the application, like logging, caching, transaction control, etc., without affecting the main business logic.AOP Library for PHP ...
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    Cacheton - An utility to cache pages that frequently query a db which is not updated so frequently. Script can reduce server load up to 50%. Your database will thank you. Easy installation, just create a cache dir and include the script. Configurable cache life, use page compression if you will.
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    ObjectCache class provides you some Object manipulation routines.
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