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    PHP data caching class can check if a given cache file exists and is not expired. If so, it returns the cached data. If the cache file is not valid, the class can store the data for an optionally period of time after which it expires.An existent cache file can also be invalidated by removing it.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    URI Cache takes the current request URI and uses MD5 to compute the name of a file that should store the cached version of the current page. If the computed cache file does not exist, it starts capturing the output of the current script and stores it in the cache file when the script ends.If the cache file exists, it ...
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    Sever and client side caching are supported. Expose template engine can be extended with custom plug-in functions. Several plug-ins are provided to to simplify common tasks like inserting a date picker.Expose template engine also provides localization support by generating output that picks translated text from external files according to the currently selected idiom.
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    Exponsor Mod can access Exponsor site and retrieve ads and sponsored links to display in a given publisher site.The sponsored links may be stored in a MySQL database table that works as a cache, so it avoids overloading Exponsor site server by not accessing the site again in the same day.HTML code can also be generated to display the ads ...
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    Class for caching of full pages or frequently used blocks.phpSuperCache uses the filesystem to avoid database connections bottlenecks. It caches pages using the name of the script and allowed query_strings.phpSuperCache can serve normal html or even gzipped content, if the server and the user navigator allow it.
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    Really Simple Content Cache can check if a given cache file exists and it has not expired. In that case it returns the cached content stored in the cache file. If the cache file does not exist or the cached content has expired, the cache file may be refreshed with new content.Really Simple Content Cache may also invalidate cached content ...
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    Several details can be retrieved by reading and parsing a specified Squid cache.The details, such as the cached URL, SHA1 and MD5 hash values, size and contents of the cached data, cache file creation and last modification dates, can be made available through class variables.
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    Booster Template processes templates and generates PHP script files that generate the template output when executed. Template variables are defined as array, which get extracted into local variables before the compiled template script files are included.The template engine supports variables with optional modifiers, comments, including external template files, adding separate Javascript and CSS style definitions, localized text, inline PHP code, ...
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    Thorpe Systems template supports blocks and can loop around them in order to iterate the processing of the same blocks using distinct variable substitution values. Each template must start with a named block delimiter. A block ends when the delimter of a new block starts or when the template end is reached.The output of a template is defined by telling ...
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    SmartTemplate supports compiled templates, ouput caching, scalar substitution, iterations over nested blocks (BEGIN..END), basic control structures (IF..ELSEIF..ELSE) and custom extensions (output filters like uppercase, sprintf, etc.)Its unique structure creates minimum overhead, allowing SmartTemplate to be up to eight times faster that other templating engines.
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    HTTP class with support for configuring an HTTP proxy and connection debugging generation is used to obtain the information.Key Features of Freshmeat project query class:- Retrieval of project information from records provided by Freshmeat in XML.- Parsing project XML records to extract all the relevant data.- Caches retrieved project information in disk files for at least the next day to ...
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    x64Template Engine implements a template engine that can be extended with plug-in classes. The template engine uses string searching and replacement, instead of regular expressions, to find and process template placeholder marks. It supports processing conditional sections and loop section iteration.x64Template Engine comes with a simple content management system (CMS) to demonstrate the template engine capabilities. It is based on ...
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    The MySQL and SQLite database engines are supported.Key Features of Database Abstraction Layer:- Connect to a database given a connection string- Prepared queries- Caching query results in files- Binding variables to query result columns- Fetch whole result sets into an arrayRequirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    PHPCached connects to a given memcache server and implements commands to set and get cached keys with a given name.Storing and retrieving compressed key values is also supported.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    The contents of a specified remote Web Page can be retrieved and stored in a cache file.Website Cache can check if a cache file for a page exists and it was updated no later than a given expiry time to avoid retrieving the page again.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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