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    PHPTAL is an advanced template engine for generation of XHTML with PHP. Has very nice syntax compatible with Zope's TAL. It's very fast thanks to compiled templates and output caching.
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    MySQL Done Right is extended with several features. Key Features of MySQL Done Right:- Prepare and cache queries- Execute a prepared query using a list of parameters- Retrieve the query results into objects or associative arrays Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    A caching library to facilitate caching of script output and data structures within the script. Handles data and output caching. Defaults to /dev/shm (shared memory). All methods are static.Output caching:if (!OutputCache::Start('group', 'unique id', 600)) { // ... Output OutputCache::End();}Data caching:if (!$data = DataCache::Get('group', 'unique id')) { $data = time(); DataCache::Put('group', 'unique id', 10, $data);}echo $data;
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    UI Template is an HTML template file can be parsed to build a DOM-like structure. The code builder traverses the parsed template structure and generates a PHP script that is executed to process the template. UI Template supports custom tags that implement conditional sections, iterate over loops, include other template files, etc.. The compiled template scripts are stored in a ...
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    SharedMemory can store, retrieve and delete arbitrary content stored in cache entries managed by eAccelerator.In order to distinguish different entries, each of them gets assigned an unique name.Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher
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    SAMA_getFeeder can retrieve and parse an XML document from a given file or remote URL. The parsed document is returned as SimpleXML object.The remote document data can also be cached in local files.Requirements: PHP 5.1.0 or higher
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    Tabajara Cache can check if a cache file exists and did not expire. If so, it outputs the contents of the cache file. Otherwise, the class starts capturing the output of the page.In the end the Tabajara Cache retrieves the just captured output of the page stores it in a cache file. It already compresses the output of the page ...
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    Multi-process PHP execution script provides the framework for processing multiple php scripts asynchronously from Apache PHP. The script uses sqlite as an interim caching system.
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    mb_cache verifies if a cache file for the active page exists and its validity. If the cache file does not exist or it is expired, the class starts capturing the current page output and stores it the cache file when the scripts exits. If the cache file exists and has not yet expired, the class outputs the contents of the ...
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    The marks are replaced with variable values. Smart Engine Template Engine also supports section delimiting marks to evaluate loops, and conditional sections. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    AbsTemplate implements a template engine based PHP script templates and variable replacement. It can process template PHP scripts that are executed. The script captures the template scripts output and replaces template variables by assigned values. The resulting output can be cached in files to avoid template reprocessing overhead. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    TypeSafeStruct provides base classes that can check whether the types of the values to assign variables of implementation subclasses are of the expected types. The expected types are determined by the prefixes of private variables, so it works well even when using PHP compiled code cached extensions. A secondary class can be used to serialize objects as XML documents or ...
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    IDtpl3, an array class variable is used to store the template variables. It processes a template by including it as PHP code that can access the template variables by accessing the entries of an array named $d. IDtpl3 captures the output of the included template file and can return it as a string or displayed as the current script output. ...
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    Fast Template features such as merged cache function, debug console, silent removal of not-assigned dynamic blocks or the ability of including PHP code into templates, have been added. New functionality "pattern assign" has been added. When variables or constants are the same as the template keys, these functions may be used as they are. Using these functions, Fast Template can ...
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    File Cache can check if a given variable is already stored in a cache file and retrieve its value if it exists and the cache file did not expire. File Cache can create a new cache file for the newly computed cache variable value. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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