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    Dr-Fun grabber is a PHP script to grab and cache Dave Farley's daily Dr-Fun cartoon. A live action can be seen at: http://i.jeremybrand.com/dr-fun.
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    PHP-Cache uses a file system as a fallback and for the 'persistent' data.Requirements: PHP 5.3.0 or HigherAbstract base library to cache any data to any backend. Uses file system as a fall back and for 'persistent' data.### Specs* Run the "run" script in the Specs directory### Example use Cache\Cache; $c = new Cache('/path/to/file/cache', array( 'prefix' => 'MyAppPrefix' )); $c->store('anyKey', $anyData); ...
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    gimmeCache provides a simple interface for cacheing all or just code intensive parts of a script. It can cache to files or to a mysql database. Includes workarounds for caching pages with session information etc. This script speeds up the serving of your web pages, especially when used to cache big, ugly time-consuming database queries. gimmeCache includes the option to ...
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    Cacher allows you to cache variables (anything that can be put into a variable) for later use. This process of caching speeds up loading time, and reduces load on the data source. Some uses include: caching database search results, requests from remote servers, images/files, etc.
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    MyCache can be used to cache the output of a script in a file. If a cache file does not exist or is not up to date, the class capture the output of the current script and caches it for a given amount of time. Next time the same cache file is accessed it is up to date, the class ...
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    FastCache, class.FastCache.php is a toolkit for implementing a simple but powerful server-side caching system for dynamic PHP web sites.
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    CacheManager can be used to cache arbitrary data in files. It can check if the cache with a certain key already exists. If it exists and it is not expired, it can return the cached data. Otherwise it can store newly generated data in a cache file with the given key. The script CacheManager can be configured to set the ...
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    Nen Cache can be used to cache the output of PHP generated pages in files. It can capture the output of a PHP script section and cache it by storing the output in files. The output data is cached for a given timeout period. While the cache does not expire, the data is retrieved from the cache file. The cache ...
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    Caching class caches dynamic content. It is easy to use and integrate into current scripts.
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    D3Css will parse a CSS file with special style inheritance syntax and generate a new CSS that evaluates the inherited styles based on parent class definitions. The outputted CSS can be loaded and cached in server files and be served in compressed format to the users. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Crutch Cache was designed to open a given cache file and retrieve values of variables if the file exists on the HDD. An arbitrary number of variable values can be set, which are saved to the cache file as a serialized array when the object is destructed. Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    Atom framework is a PHP5 framework loosely based on MVC patterns. It was created to maximise usability as people can get bogged down in Controllers / Models / views. So Atom names them Modules / Helpers / Templates, this makes it easier for people to grasp while still supporting all the major things you need from a framework such as: ...
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    EasyTemplate is a template engine for PHP. it is easy to use and basic, it is powerfull for any application that need this functions LOOP, INCLUDE, SWITCH and IF ELSE. It is also cached the page after compiled finally you don't need to assign variables, it is auto recognized the variables. EasyTemplate is so easier that smarty if it do ...
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    The Saros Framework utilizes PHP5's object oriented functionality as well as design patterns that are tried and true to help you create an advanced PHP website or application as quick as possible. The Saros Framework lowers code duplication by utilizing programming techniques designed specifically to solve the common problems developers come across when creating a website.
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    There is a template loader script RainTPL that checks whether a given template was previously compiled. If the template was not yet processed, another class handles the compilation. The results are stored as PHP scripts in a given template cache directory. RainTPL supports variable replacement with configurable delimiters, conditional sections, sections to be ignored or not parsed and loops. Requirements: ...
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