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    MDB2 Session Manager is a replacement handler for storing session data with MDB2 and APC. It can be used to store PHP sessions in any database supported by PEAR MDB2. MDB2 Session Manager also stores and retrieves session data from APC cache to access session data faster.
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    Little PHP Templater implements a template engine that caches the processed template results. It can check if a previously processed template output file exists and it was not generated more than a given period of time ago. Litte PHP Templater is a free PHP cache script. The script can process the template and update cache file if it did not ...
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    This package implements a template engine with output caching support. It can assign templates files a name so they can be referenced by that name. The class loads from a given directory template files which are actual HTML files with embedded PHP code. It can assign to each template, variables which are stored as class variables. The templates are processed ...
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    This class can be used to cache variable values storing them in files. It can store, retrieve and delete arbitrary variable values in a cache file with a given key value. The directory where cache files are store is configurable.
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    This package implements a MySQL database access wrapper using the MySQLi extension. It is based on the Reduced MySQLi class originally written by Mertol Kasanan. This version can account the memory usage, log the executed queries in the current page. It can also cache the query results in an XML file.
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    This class this extends the "ft" class to add caching functionality.The caching was designed with four points in mind:1. Speed improvement2. Ease of use while letting the developer decides when caching is needed on a per file basis.3. Having an option to set a maximum execution time from which the caching starts to work for each script or page.4. Having ...
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    This class can be used to cache the output of PHP script in files. First it checks the cache file of a given cache key. If the cache file exists and it has not expired, the class outputs the contents of the cache file. If the cache file does not yet exist or it has expired, the class starts capturing ...
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    This is so little a cache script, you can use it in your scripts anytime anywhere just copying it lol A simple content cache script. Not written by me. But I found it to be small and very usefull. Author's name and address are in the script. Enjoy it !
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    This package provides a common interface to store and retrieve cached data from different types of container. There is one factory class that takes an URL of a cache container and additional options and it creates and initializes the cache container object. The cache container interface provides means to set, get and clear cached data entries. Currently this package comes ...
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    Simple class extending CDI's Fastemplate Class (www.thewebmasters.net). Implements methods to cache pages created from documents, allowing different pages to have assigned different cache lifetimes. It requires the FastTemplate package. [UPDATE 2000-06-07] Modified the logic to decide the validity of a cached file: (thanks to Aaron Bush <abush@microcenter.com> for some of the code and for suggestions), and also changed the logic ...
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    This class can be used to store and retrieve entries in memory caches. It can perform several types of operations to access values stored memory based caches using extensions like APC, eAccelerator, XCache and MemCache. Currently it can store an entry, retrieve an entry and clear all cache entries.
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    Cache variables can be used to cache variable values in PHP scripts. It can take the value of a variable and generate a cache file, also is a PHP code generator, if it does not exist already, that is PHP script that assigns the variable value.This script can also load variable value from the cache file script if it exists ...
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    This class can be used to store and retrieve cached data in files. It can check if a cache file with a given key exists and retrieve its data. The class can optionally check if the cache file was created before a given expiry time has passed. If the cache file does not exist or expired, the class can store ...
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    This class can be used to store and retrieve data in cache files. It can store a given data string in a cache file with a given expiry period. The class can also retrieve the data from a cache file if it was already previously stored there and it was not yet expired. It can also remove one or all ...
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    FLP - short for Flaimo's little package, is a collection of PHP classes. At the moment it contains following classes: iCalendar, i18n (internationalization), vCard, Cache, RSS Builder, Atom Builder, ReloadPreventer, Ticker (a SMS/E-Mail Shoutbox/Guestbook) and Thumb.
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