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    Easy Cacher class may be used to cache pages easily. And it is so easy to integrate to you website.
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    CafePress Random Product will display a random product from your CafePress store. You can supply a simple template to control style, and have the output link directly to the shown product or simply to your main account.You can cache the results so you don't have to connect to the CafePress website all the time. Images can also be cached locally, ...
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    File Info Cache browses a directory and recursively caches file information to a database. Once the file information is in a database you can access it easily and efficiently. This script is only intended to run from the shell, from a crontab or similar process; I don't recommend changing permissions on your files for the webserver to access them!File Info ...
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    Page Self Cacher class caches php pages very fast.
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    Class to work with template files. Supports multiple (nested or not) files and multiple (nested or not) dymanic blocks.ft classes is much like FastTemplate. Most of the functions match those from FastTemplate so it is easy to test and implement.A new class based on first is created.The new one have a nice caching engine so I think whort a try ...
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    IMDBPhotos is meant to download the poster and all images of a movie from www.imdb.com. It can fetch all images at once and store them in local cache files.
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    ResultCache is a class used to cache output of a function in disk files.This class is good for improving the performance of scripts that output the results of slow database queries. It can be used for caching data generated from other sources besides database query results.On first call of the class, the function is executed and the returned data to ...
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    vinCache is a class to cache pages whole site.It is a class that stores the visited pages during a specified period before its refreshes the cache. Until then the processed HTML pages are returned to the browser.vinCache may cache the pages in files or in SQL database rows.
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    Cached XSL is around XSLT wrapper Sablotron XSL processor extension that added caching support to reduce the time necessary to process a XML file after the first time it is processed.The caching support is based on the PEAR::Cache class.
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    SmartyX is a class derived from Smarty. This class can be used to name and reference the templates using a dotted notation like on ModeliXe.SmartyX inheriting all the functionalities of Smarty.The console of debug of Smarty was changed to take into account the dotted notation and the cache identifiers of the templates.
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    Cached TemplatEze is a fork of the TemplatEze variable replacement based template engine.Features of Cached TemplatEze:- Template Set support- perfomance measurement- Content Caching- Output Buffering- array assignment to assign() function- functions set(), setloop() and tplblock() merged into one assign() function- clean code
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    RS Cache can be used to store and retrieve variables in cache files. It provides a function to store the value of a variable of any type in a file of a given folder.The file name is determined by a given unique identifier and an integer number that indicates the time when the cache file was created.RS Cache also provides ...
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    ObjectCache2 stores objects in different types of cache. It stores objects in operative memory, dba, dbm, shared memory.
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    multiCache is an easy to use general purpose runtime cache for static variables and objects.
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    DCC::QuickSite Pro is a set of classes that works as a site generation backend engine. It supports template processing, page caching, gzip compression, logging and virtual URI parsing.
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