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    Bugerator is an issues and bug tracking system built in the WordPress platform. Very simple to use, just install and add the [bugerator] shortcode to a post. Features of Bugerator:- Supports managing multiple projects- Template-based skinning- Version map- Easy and complete issues management- Group issues by various criteria- Add comments on issues- Separate admin and developer privileges- Manage the bug ...
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    PHP Typification Class can be used to check the types of the parameters passed to a function at run time. It is meant to help detecting eventual bugs caused by passing function parameters of the wrong type.PHP Typification Class can take the list of function arguments values and verify whether they match a function argument type specification defined by a ...
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    PHP Script Parser is meant to parse a PHP script to determine how each variable is used and detect eventual bugs.Note that this class just points probable misusage of the variables. You still have to check the code to confirm whether it is really a bug or a false bug report.PHP Script Parser is capable of telling:- Name of the ...
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