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    Browser Detect can be used to detect the characteristiscs of the browser used to access the current script page.Browser Detect analyzes the User-Agent: HTTP request header and determines which browser is used, its version and the user machine operating system.
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    Simple Browser Detection is a very simple class that can be used to determine which browser is being used to access the site. The script looks the user-agent name identification and looks for text that match what is used by several known browsers. Simple Browser Detection returns a string with two characters that is an abbreviation of the identified browser. ...
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    Browser can retrieve a give page, parse it and proceed retrieving the pages or content that would result from clicking on given links or submitting forms in the initial page. Functions to locate the links to click or forms to submit by specifying a Xpath expression or searching elements by attribute, are provided. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Request Info User Agent can parse the user agent identification sent by the browser or robot accessing the site and extract the browser type and other details. The script can determine if the client is a regular desktop browser, a search engine crawler, a mobile phone, as well as the operating system of the user. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The browser name is extracted after parsing the user-agent string. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Browser Detection should be used to parse browser "user agent" string and determine exact browser version and operating system.Browser Detection recognize all popular browsers/os's as well as some not so popular. It returns the browsers name and its exact version number (ie. Firefox 1.0.7).
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    UserInfo.class can check the HTTP request variables to determine details like the IP address of the machine used by the user access the Web server, the type of browser and operating system being used, etc..Individual class variables are used to store the retrieved information in UserInfo.class.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    webstat is composed by two classes:- one class that generates Javascript to collect several types of statistics from the user browser like the window size, supported color depth, cookie support, current page URL, etc...- another class that can be used to track accesses from user browsers with Javascript disabled.A MySQL database is used to store the information for further analysis..Requirements: ...
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    LSM Browser Type is a simple class that can parse the user agent string and identify the browser and the operating system used on the user machine.
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    BrowserDetection analyzes the user agent string sent by the browser and parses it to determine: the type of browser, the user operating system, the version, release and build.BrowserDetection may also compare the browser version against a range of accepted versions, as well if the browser is expected to support page element opacity attribute and transparent PNG images. It can also ...
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    Toolbar classes is a simple class that can generate an application toolbar using a group of icon images and HTML links.The toolbar is displayed as a row of consecutive links that can show a normal icon images and optional images to be displayed when the user drags the mouse over or out of the space where they appear.Each toolbar item ...
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    Navigator Detector is a simple class that can be used to detect the type of browser that the user is using to access the current script site. It checks the HTTP request User-Agent header to determine the type of browser.Currently Navigator Detector can distinguish whether the browser is the Microsoft Internet, Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox and Opera.
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    The IP address and browser user agent are extracted from the HTTP request variables in order to determine specific information.Key Features of User Info & GeoIP:- Browser name- User Operating System- Determine the user country using a GeoIP database stored in a MySQL database- Search terms and search engine when the user came from search engine pages- Get User Language- ...
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    The browser safe palette is a set of colors that are guaranteed to work for displaying Web pages in a browser screen using 256 colors without color remapping.Hexadecimal and RGB color values are accepted.
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    This php class, and the associated examples, will let you include result pages or forms from anywhere in any javascript enabled browsers. No need to have php on one server to include php result from another.
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