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    CSS Prefix Spawner is a PHP script to add appropriate browser vendor prefixes to universal CSS code. It can parse CSS (via a remote URL, or from copy&pasted code) and automatically append all known browser vendor prefixes. This makes it a very useful tool, since developers can now write simple CSS rules and easily convert it to browser-specific code in ...
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    Premium HTTP Viewer is a program emulates a browser, by showing you what the browser is reading from the server. This program can show the full server response of a web resource, using any one of the Apache request methods. Great for finding server redirect's, and viewing source code of questionable websites. Requirements:- PHP 4+- allow_url_fopen = On, set in ...
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    Amazon s3 supports direct upload from browser without need of your web server to copy file over S3. This gives large benefit in saving bandwidth and eliminates upload restrictions imposed by your hosting providers esp "shared hosting". But one disadvantage is S3 does not provide any capability of server side processing to handle upload progress,failure cases etc..if you are using ...
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    display HTML on webpage is a simple script to display your HTML/PHP/JS code on a webpage witthout browser rendering it. This is useful tool for programming bloggers who wanted to display code on their page without actually rendering the html tags, it saves lot of time to edit manually.
  5. Browser Rejector
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    Browser Rejector is a professional WordPress plugin for alerting users that they use a deprecated browser. Lots of WP plugins can do the same thing, but few provide this wide range of configuration features. Browser Rejector comes with a WP backend panel where options can be tinkered to any scenario the admin might want to implement. After activation, the plugin ...
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    BIKE is a light MySQL web GUI which is written in PHP which allows programmers to interact with a database via a web browser. It is perfect for remote databases or a getting more organized query results. Features of BIKE:- Records up to 40 recent queries- Twitter Bootstrap based interface- AJAX interactions- Queries are stored in different tabs (8)- Save ...
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    KoschtIT Image Gallery is a PHP-script for an easy viewing of pictures in a web browser. It can be customized and it is possible to have more then one gallery inside a HTML document. Features of KoschtIT Image Gallery:- Image comments- Opens pictures inside a modal- Slideshow mode- Easy manage galleries- Gallery pagination- Direct link for image in the gallery ...
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    CSSfix is a script automatically apply vendor prefixes to specified CSS rules. And it also applies other fixes, for different CSS browser specifics.
  9. Aurigma Up
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    It is a universal mobile uploader app designed to be easily integrated with any website. Meanwhile, a bridge between photos and videos on a mobile device and your website opened by a user in a mobile browser. Both iOS and Android version is available.
  10. CSS Browser Selector
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    PHP CSS Browser Selector is a PHP library for detecting browser types and running specific CSS code. It will sniff the user agent string and execute browser/OS specific CSS code depending on the string. Features of PHP CSS Browser Selector:Detected OSs:- Microsoft Windows- Linux (x11 and linux)- Mac OS- FreeBSD- iPod Touch- iPhone- WebTV- J2ME Devices (ex: Opera mini) Detected ...
  11. PHP User Agent
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    PHP User Agent is a PHP5 script for user browser detection. It utilizes a simple and fast algorithm to recognize major browsers. It also supports supports custom user agent strings and a custom parse script. This script register better performance since it doesn't do any iteration or resursion. Also it uses lesser resources than the native get_browser() PHP function. Returned ...
  12. PHP MySQLDump Browser
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    PHP MySQLDump Browser allows users/system admins to browse through MySQL Database Backups (Dump Files). Users can view and extract individual table structures and or data from MySQL database dumps. Use this PHP script to avoid restoring entire backups to recover individual tables. Database dumps complied by mysqldump and phpMyAdmin are compatible with this tool.Instruction:- Place the script on your webserver ...
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    PHPClientSniffer is a PHP script that allows you to quickly determine the client's browser and system information based on the HTTP_USER_AGENT string. It can also be used to generate browser specific HTML markup and other client side scripting. PHPClientSniffer can be used to generate browser specific html markup and other client side scripting.What's New in This Release Version 2.1.3 PHPClientSniffer:- ...
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    Automatic Browsers Detect is a PHP script designed to detect the current user browser. It parses the user agent's header value and returns the identification of the detected browser. The script may also return the name of a CSS file or PHP script associated to the current browser.Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or higher
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    This class can be used to detect the type of the browser accessing a website. It analyzes the user agent request header and compares it to known patterns to detect the type of browser currently accessing the site. The class will show the browser's name, version, if it's a mobile browser and the user's language. Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher
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