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    Bread crumb page navigation is the PHP script used to display bread crumbs links to pages visited by the user. By storing their URLs in a session variable as HTML links, it can track pages visited by users. This script can generate bread crumb like navigation bars. It outputs an HTML ordered list of navigation links.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Trail breadcrumbs takes the URL and label of the current page and pushes it to a session variable array. Trail breadcrumbs can generate HTML code to display breadcrumbs navigation, listing the previously visited pages. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The list of pages browsed of the users is kept in a session array variable.fc_breadcrumb can display the browsed pages as links. The links separator text and CSS style are configurable.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    The trail can be later outputted. You can make a pretty crum navigation with this crumb .
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    Bread crumbs takes the current page URI and splits it in several parts separated by slashes / . Several links pointing to the pages of each breadcrumb level, are generated.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Breadcrumb navigation can generate bread crumb like navigation bars. Links can be added dynamically to a navigation bar specifying link label and its URL.Breadcrumb navigation outputs an HTML unordered list of navigation links. The links presentation can be configured using CSS stylesheets.
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    Highly Configurable breadcrumbs script that takes your directory structure and does whatever you want with it!! Features of Breadcrumbs: - Homepage Naming, - Symbol Separators, - Case Formatting, - Show Filename, - Hide File Extension, - Special Formatting, - Use Images, - Directory Aliasing, - Filename Aliasing, - Link If Index, - Use CSS Styles, - Replace Directory Underscores,- Hide ...
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    Directories and their links are displayed in a path of the form "Home > Firstdir > Seconddir > Etc. > filename.php"Key Features of Breadcrumbs:- Homepage Naming- Symbol Separators- Case Formatting- Show Filename- Hide File Extension- Special Formatting- Use Images- Directory Aliasing- Filename Aliasing- Link If Index- Use CSS Styles- Replace Directory Underscores- Hide Directory from Breadcrumb- Link Filename- Frameset Target- ...
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    PHP Breadcrumbs Class is a little helper PHP class that will let you create and manage your breadcrumbs.Everything is very simple (as it always is when using Object Oriented Programing) and you should be able to figure it all out by reading into the documentation and to the example file. As usually, everything is template driven!
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    Navigate through a website can be most irritating if the user is not well informed where he is and where he comes from. To prevent users from being lost the breadcrumbs method is one of the most suitable. SimpleXML, XPath and PHP 5 are perfect tools to create serious breadcrumbs positioning. Breadcrumbs navigation with PHP 5, SimpleXML, XPath and class ...
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    Navigation is meant to let you build a dynamic site navigation bar presented in the breadcrumb style. The navigation bar may display links, one for each level of the site hierarchy. The title of each level link is presented using a CSS style named breadcrumb. The current level is displayed as plain text within a span using the CSS style ...
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