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    Gnarus Frete is meant to calculate the postage cost of a deliverying a package in Brazil given the package weight and the postal codes of the origin and destination cities. It can be used to calculate total shipping costs of deliverying products sold by e-commerce sites. The postage cost is calculates automatically by the class by accessing the site of ...
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    wsCStockFinder can be used to retrieve quotes from Bovespa stock exchange in Brazil. It accesses the Web page of Bovespa site to retrieve the company stock quotes given the respective code.
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    Interfaces generates HTML for displaying forms in a table with several types of basic form inputs on each table row like: text, hidden, file, checkbox, textarea, select, password.Interfaces may also display more complex inputs, some specific for applications in Brazil, such as dates, tax numbers (CPF), zip codes (CEP), education degree, gender, weekly work journey, marriage status, work shift, handicap ...
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    Brazillian Weather can be used to retrieve weather forecast details for Brazilian cities.It connects to the TempoAgora site and retrieves several details about the weather forecast of a given Brazilian city, like: the city name, weather forecast description and icon, minimum and maximum temperatures, expected rain level and wind speed, sunrise and sunset time.Limitations:The code is in Portuguese.
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    Bar Code is meant to generate bar code graphics of type 2 of 5 used commonly in documents for paying bills or e-commerce purchases in Brazil to be collected by local banks.Bar Code is based in the code written by Luciano Lima Silva of the site www.netdinamica.com.br.Limitations:The comments in the code are in Portuguese.
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