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    Styled Message Box can generate messages boxes in HTML for presenting errors and confirmation or warning messages.Styled Message Box uses HTML layers to present the message boxes as floating windows that can be closed. The message box window can be optionally closed when the user clicks outside the window box.The message boxes presented can configured with custom CSS styles and ...
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    Message Box is meant to generate Windows style message boxes in HTML. It can display the boxes with configurable title, message prompt and icons associated with the type of message box.Message Box can generate several predefined types of message boxes that define the types of buttons that appear: OK only, OK and Cancel, Abort and Retry and Ignore, Yes and ...
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    Screenreaders can switch the tooltips off (using a hidden link) and have meaningful title attributes for the corresponding web page elements.Info Box provides several means for associating tooltip messages to different page elements.The tooltip messages are defined in HTML, thus providing flexibility to the formatting of the messages that are displayed, which may include images and other formatting elements.All the ...
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    The generated menu can expand and collapse menu dynamically, that is when the user clicks on a menu item, all corresponding submenu items are shown (or hidden if already visible). A good example of what it looks like is the list of documents and directories in the left frame of the Microsoft Windows Explorer.The use of xPandMenu is fairly easy. ...
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