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    This PHP image script is used to create and output an image with superimposed text and/or other images using Imagick extension. It can also add borders to the image if needed, the generated image can ba saved to a file in JPEG format or served as the current script output.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    When loading a picture, Remove Border From Image can determine how thick its border is by scanning the border pixels. The sensibility level that is used to determine which pixels are in the border is configurable. Remove Border From Image can crop the image be keeping on the interior inside the image border. The resulting cropped image can be displayed ...
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    The borders are created with a CSS2 effect and does not use any images. Raised and shadowed borders are also supported.
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    An image representing the bars and digits of a bar code is generated. The image size, text font, font size, text spacing, border width and border spacing are configurable details.The font size can be automatically adjusted to fit the image size. phpCode128 can optionally generate EAN style bar code images.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Eyefi Image Modifier can be used to apply a series of transformations to graphical images. The developer can define a chain of transformations, optionally giving it a name, and then apply an image to this chain, which results in a new image. If the image is applied to the chain a second time, a cached image will be used.Currently, the ...
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