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    Ban Hammer is a WordPress plugin prevents spam bots from registering on the blog. Ban Hammer pulls from the list of blacklisted emails from the Comment Blacklist feature native to WordPress. With this plugin the blacklist need to be updated only in one place. When a blacklisted user attempts to register, they get a customizable message that they cannot register. ...
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    BNS Support is a WordPress plugin to display technical information about the blog. The displayed information is about the blog's version, name, active plugins, theme and more. The information is only viewable by logged-in readers and by the blog's administrator(s). Requirements:- WordPress 3.4 or Higher What's New in This Version:What's New in This Version:- Added 'mod_rewrite' display check.- Change the ...
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    Empty Blog is a WordPress plugin for quickly cleaning a site's content, which is perfect for quickly resetting a WP blog to zero. Empty Blog can be used by developers in testing their blog and cleaning it before launching the site to the public. It contains a prompt message window for accidentally deleting content. Requirements:- WordPress 3 or Higher What's ...
  4. Recent Revisions
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    Recent Revisions is a WordPress plugin for listing recent revisions in the admin dashboard. It is perfect for blogs which publish content from multiple authors and posts are displayed in GMT to enable effective collaboration across timezones. The plugin allows webmasters to keep track of content updates across the site. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate ...
  5. Antispam Bee
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    Antispam Bee is an anti-spam plugin for the WordPress blogging platform. It will protect the blog from spam by replacing the comment field. Features of Antispam Bee:- Anonymous and independent- Allow comments only in certain language- Consider comments which are already marked as spam- Dashboard History Stats- Block comments and pings from specific countries- WordPress 3.x ready: Design as well ...
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    Tumblfeed is a stand-alone PHP script for adjusting Tumblr's RSS feed output and takes a Tumblr blog feed URL, parses the content and adjusts how the content is displayed, outputting a proper Atom feed out of it.Under the hood, the script converts any Tumblr-powered URL into a semantically rich feed, with support for properly formatting quotes, conversations, etc.. The script ...
  7. CataBlog
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    CataBlog is a WordPress plugin that allow a blog admin to organize products in catalogs and display them on his site. The user needs to upload images and then give them a title, link, tags and description.Simple easy design makes it child's play to keep track of all different catalogs.What'New in This Version:New:- Regenerate thumbnail and lightbox images for a ...
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    Mistpark provides a distributed social network with strong privacy controls. It includes micro-blogging, location tagging, sharing photos, videos, links and private messages. You can also link to and communicate with friends in OStatus networks such as status.net and identi.ca. More networks will be supported in the future.
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    Do you need to accept, store and display visitors' comments on your personal blog or commercial storefront?Enabling communication with potential customers or fans of your online journal is no longer a problem with DoComments, a single PHP file that, nevertheless, offers a wide range of popular features.With just one line of PHP:1) Make comments appear anywhere you want,2) Let your ...
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    With Webs.com API Library, HTTP requests are sent to the Webs.com API on behalf on an authorized user in order to perform various types of content manipulation operations. Webs.com API Library can list site pages, add page content, add image to a photo album, add blog entry, list files, get file information, upload file and rename file. Requirements: PHP 5.0 ...
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    Several types of actions can be executed on behalf of users of the microblog by sending requests to the Blip.pl Web services API with Blip API.Key Features of Blip API:- Get information about users- Manage user avatars, page backgrounds- Retrieve and manage statuses or updates- Manage direct or private messages, short links and subscriptions- Get information of movies, pictures or ...
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    A text file can be parsed and blog posts can be retrieved from the script To michael.To michael can get the titles of all stored posts body, and get the author and date of each post.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
  13. MyVideoBlog LITE - Automatic Wordpress Video Blogs!
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    MyVideoBlog LITE - Automatic Wordpress Video Blogs! is easy to create automated niche videoblogs. Your videoblog will be automatically updated everyday!! The plugin grabs the embed code of the videos from several providers and automatically publish the post! You don't need to host ANY video in your own server, all videos will be published using the original embed code from ...
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    Linkedin public profile plugin for Serendipity is a plug-in for the Serendipity blog program to show a Linkedin profile in sidebar blog pages.Linkedin public profile plugin for Serendipity generates a linked image pointing to a profile of an user in Linkedin. The class can show several types of images taken from Linkedin site. Optionally, the link may open in a ...
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    With Personal Site Manager, u can start your own personal site or even start a small community website...Functions of Personal Site Manager:- start a blog- put files for download- add your pictures gallery- have members (or your fans) section- have a table where users can put comments for your website...- have your control panel where u can delete users, comments, ...
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