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    Oracle class allows to develop applications using Oracle 8i or higher. It supports bind variables, IN/OUT variables for PL/SQL procedures and BLOB support. Additionally Oracle class features an easy-to-learn API and an error-management which includes auto-sending of EMails in case an DB error occured. The script works with PHP4 or PHP5 and requires the OCI8 extension to be enabled in ...
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    MySQL File System can be used to create a virtual filesystem using BLOB fields of a MySQL database table to store the file contents.MySQL File System is particularly useful when disk space is scarce on a server that cannot go down in a production environment. With this class you can simply drop in a second slave MySQL server to get ...
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    Interbase class that makes it easier to work with blob fields and that lets you access fields by name OR index. Originally created to "assist" in a course in php programming at KTH Syd - Campus Telge.Better documentation of it is needed but the code "speaks" for itself until the documentation becomes available.
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