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    BBCode Parser can be used to parse text with BBCode tags and replace it by corresponding HTML. It takes a given text string and finds all BBCode tags and special characters.BBCode Parser replaces the BBCode tags by corresponding HTML and the special characters by the respective HTML character entities.
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    Replaces the UBB tags listed below with HTML tags, and vice versa. It also keeps the line feeds in the text and removes all HTML tags.UBB Tags:[b]...[/b] bold[i]...[/i] italic[code]...[/code] source code[img], [/img] images[quote]...[/quote] blockquote[url]http//www.link[/url] links[url=http//www.link]name[/url] links[email]me@home.de[/email] email link[email=me@home.de]name[/email] email linkAdditional Tags:[u]...[/u] underline[center]..[/center] center[color=name]...[/color] colorsFUNCTIONS of UBBCode:function encode($str)function decode($str)function strip($str)function listCodes()
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    Emoticon is a simple class that can replace sequences of text characters used to represent emoticons by the HTML tags of the corresponding image icons.It can be used in applications that present any type of text messages like forums, chats, chatter boxes, comments, guestbooks, webmail, etc..
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    PHP-Lib-Xtreme is a package containing many object oriented PHP classes and is available under the GNU Lesser License. Ithas theaim to make a complex but also simple library available.Here is a list of all modules:- BB-Code-Class- Mime-Mail-Class- File-Class- FSocket-Class- General Functions- Http-Socket-Class- Message-Handler-Class- MYSQL-Class- PHP-Mailer-Class- POP3-Mail-Class- Session-Code-Class- SMTP-Mailer-Class- Template-Parser-Class
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