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    Bar chart drawing can be used to generate bar chart diagrams using only HTML with CSS styles and icons images. It does not use GD or any other dynamic graphics generation library. It takes as parameters a set of values that define each bar of the chart, a set of labels for horizontal and vertical axis legends.Bar chart drawing generates ...
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    hnwb_ListView for WinBinder provides an extension of the WinBinder ListView control.hnwb_ListView for WinBinder supports:- Automatic creation of header columns- Handling indexed and associative data arrays- Validating new entries if the data records contain a unique identifier field- Enhanced sorting for the columns with single rows, and hierarchical sorting of multiple rows- Adding, deleting and copying rows- Adding a status bar- ...
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    TabControl can be used to output a navigation tab bar that can dynamically switch the content that appears below the bar options according to the selected tab.TabControl can display a row of tabs showing only one selected at a time the selected tab is rendering with a different style.The tab bar is rendered as table with different cells for each ...
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    Data to Graph can be used to generate bar charts from arrays of data. It takes as parameters two arrays that define the values of the bars to display.Data to Graph creates an image with a given width and height, displays the axis values and draws each of the chart bars. The resulting image is store in a server side ...
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    Multigraph aims to provide an efficient, pleasing-to-look at method for producing dot, line, bar and pie charts from given datasets.Multigraph can be invoked through the command line or as an object which creates its own url to be used in an HTML img tag.Please note that you need some Truetype font files for Multigraph to work. Whilst you may use ...
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    GrCharts is a class meant for generating bar charts on which each bar is represents a share value relative to a given starting total value. It can be used to generate charts for presenting poll results.GrCharts generates HTML tags for each bar in the chart in several styles that are available like using images to draw the bars or just ...
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    Charts in php can generate bar charts from data retrieved from a MySQL database. It can execute a given MySQL query and draw bars using legends and values returned in the query results.
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    CGraph consists of one base class that provides common functionality to draw graphs and charts with a title, an axis, a scale and a legend. There are also other derived classes specialized in drawing pie charts, line or bar graphs.The details of the different types of graphs are configured in separate configuration files to simplify the creation of new charts. ...
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    Class library for barchart,piechart and linechart graphs.
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    PowerGraphic is a class meant for generating graphic charts of several types from a data set of values to be represented in the chart.The chart data set is passed as an array of values representing the chart labels the respective chart value. Currently it can generate charts of the types: vertical bars, horizontal bars, dots, lines, pie and donut.The presentation ...
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    Stacked Bar Chart Class contains four classes that generate images stacked bar chart in the PNG format. There is no limit in terms of number chart elements that can be rendered in a chart.The object oriented structure allows to add new classes that in conjunction with the main chart class may also draw pie, line or any other kind of ...
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    PHProgress Bar is meant to display the progress of a server side task by the means of bar that is displayed and updated in an HTML page. It is a fork based on ProgressBar class written originally by Mika Turin.Features of PHProgress Bar:- Rewritten the JavaScript and DHTML code to generate valid XHTML 1.0 strict code- Added the setDirection() function ...
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    Bar Graphics can generate bar charts from a given set of values. It provides means to define the label, value and color of each bar.The bars are drawn using HTML tables with different color values.The size of the bars is displayed in proportion to the largest bar by setting the relative width of the table cells. This way Bar Graphics ...
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    Tracks the progress of a certain set of tasks within a PHP script. Creates a graphical representation in an html table that updates as task execution progresses.
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    Bar Graph generator is meant to generate bar graphs defined either programatically calling the class functions or using definition file to specify the graph characteristics. The graph definitions file structure is very simple and so it is probably a better way to create graphics on the fly.Bar Graph generator supports axis background or border color, title text and color, graph ...
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