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  1. PHPads
    4390 total visits
    PHPads is a simple php script that allows management of a banner ad rotations. There is an admin panel that allows the admin to add banners, and specify the length of ad campaign. There is also a way for the admin to see single stats outside the admin panel on any banner campaign (good for those wanting to sell banner ...
  2. No Screenshot
    271 total visits
    PHPjabbers now has to offer a free Banner and Link Click Counter. The script caounts the number of times each link is clicked. The Banner and Link Click Counter is written in PHP and uses MySQL to store data. Installation is easy and simple. Just open database.sql and import the MySQL queries in your database. Edit config.php and set your ...
  3. No Screenshot
    188 total visits
    AdRotate is a WordPress plugin allows showing one or more a random banner on your site. The banners can be combined into groups and can link to different sections of your website. Features of AdRotate:- Show random banners- Put random banners in pages or posts- Activate or de-activate banners at will- Edit/update banners- Preview banners on edit- Per banner/function to ...
  4. No Screenshot
    193 total visits
    This script will randomly display a pre-defined list of banners anywhere within your site. The main features which allows you to setup a list of banners you want to rotate as well as remove or modify banners already in the list. No editing of text files is needed. The script allows for easy updates of new banners without you having ...
  5. Hercules - image, banner rotator
    260 total visits
    Hercules - image, banner rotator is a PHP script, which rotates your images/banners with a JPG(JPEG), GIF or PNG extension from any location.Features of Hercules - image, banner rotator:- Grabs images, banners from any location- Shows three types of images - JPG (JPEG), GIF and PNG- Show images randomly or by order- You can sets the image, banner dimensions and ...
  6. Post Affiliate Free
    2419 total visits
    Post Affiliate FREE is free,simple, and easy to use PHP affiliate system, in which basic necessary functionality included to allow you to set up and maintain your own affiliate program. Post Affiliate is based on PHP-Affiliate, but rewritten and improved with some features, and several bug and security hole fixes. It is also easy to customize but customizations will require ...
  7. Banner Simple
    479 total visits
    Banner Simple is pretty much what it sounds like: a very simple banner rotation program. No fancy administration area, campaigns, or logging and statistics. Just a very fast, efficient, and easy to set up and operate program for people who want to randomly rotate banners and not worry about all the frivolous stuff and perpetual bug squashing. 
  8. Banner Ad Rotation Script
    693 total visits
    A PHP Script that enables you to put your own custom "Banner Ads" on your site. Uses a configuration file to determine the URL, start date, end date and duration (seconds) to display an image - great for those people without a MySQL database. Requirements: PHP 4.1 or Higher
  9. Simple Ad Rotator
    449 total visits
    This is a simple function that can be used to create ads that rotate according to a random order. Easy to setup and customize. Just define your ads and set the number of ads displayed at once on your page. No database is required.
  10. Easy Free Revolver
    386 total visits
    Easy Free Revolver is freeware. It rotates your banners at random. You can use .gif, .jpg, flash, text , affiliate and referral javascripts. You can use remote services such as Google Adsense. You just put each text link, banner image, description, or script in a separate .html file.
  11. Pay-Per-Click XML Feed Parser
    596 total visits
    The script parses XML feed from pay-per-click (PPC) networks and fetches ads to the browser. Output format is controlled by template. The script will eliminate the possibility of unintentional fraud by optionally using JavaScript to output ads (with URLs divided into small chunks). This will prevent any automatic software (such as search engine spiders, etc) from following such links. You ...
  12. Easy Banner Free
    3745 total visits
    Easy Banner is a PHP script for running your own banner exchange system. Members of the banner exchange show banners on their sites and in return their own banner is displayed across the banner exchange. You, as the owner of the banner exchange take part of the banner impressions (you can choose the part, usually 30-50%) for promotion your own ...
  13. EzBan - Banner Management System
    2438 total visits
    EzBan - Banner Management System is widely-acknowledged as one of the most complete and easy to use banner rotation systems available anywhere!Designed for real-life use... Not filled with so many features and hard to use functions, that no one ever figures out how to use it... After all, what good is a banner rotation system if no one can use ...
  14. No Screenshot
    2348 total visits
    Banner Rotator with admin panel is a simple to set up Banner Rotator with admin panel script. Free version rotates 3 banners on your page. In Admin panel you can upload banners, set URL where banner will be linked to, delete banners, see how rotator will look like on actual page.
  15. No Screenshot
    1878 total visits
    URLs of images or Flash banners and their click target can be added to a list with the script Random Banner. Random Banner picks one of the banners randomly and generates the necessary HTML to display the banner in a Web page. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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