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    hrwsBLZ can create and initialize a database table to insert or query german bank identification codes. Now you can also verify accountnumbers matching a given bank identification code. The "Deutsche Bundesbank" provides formatted datafiles with all valid german bank identification codes. With this class, you can import these files and use it for payment data validation.
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    HSBC can generate a page that automatically submits a form with some hidden fields to verify a payer passing his credit card details, payment amount and currency, and the URL of the return page.A request can be sent to the HSBC Web services API with the details of the verified payment and it can be determined if the payment was ...
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    Requests are sent via HTTP to the XPay system Web Services API in order to perform different operations with XPay System. Key Features of XPay System:- Determine if a credit card is in the 3-D Secure scheme- Authorize a payment or a payment reversal- Refund a payment or as a payment reversal- Settle the transfer of funds to the merchant ...
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    HebCurrency can retrieve and parse the currency exchange rate information provided by the Bank Israel in XML format.HebCurrency can also perform conversions of values in one currency to another using the previously obtained rate values for the supported currencies.
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    There is a base class that can retrieve and parse a currency file in XML format.Currency data can also be retrieved from XML documents specifically provided by the Romanian National Bank.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Use sellaOTP to interact with Sella Bank Ecommerce Servers via OTP (One Time Password).The documentation is under development.
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    RIB class is a simple class that can be used to validate RIB (Relevé d'Identité Bancaire) codes.These codes are used when it is necessary to setup electronic payments either from or to a French bank account.
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    Currency Exchange can be used to obtain exchange rates for various currencies. It accesses remote Web sites of banks and entities that provide currency exchange rate information and parses the site page data to obtain the name, country and exchange rate for each of the supported currencies.Currently Currency Exchange can obtain information about 21 currencies from the Federal Reserve Bank ...
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    RIBA standard CBI can be used to generate data records based on RIBA CBI standard used by italian banking applications.
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    PMC_IBAN computes International Banking Account Numbers (IBAN) as specified in the ISO 13616 standard. The IBAN is needed for transactions within the European Union since 1.7.2003.
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    BNR official rates accesses the site of the national bank of Romania to retrieve a XML file with the exchange rates between the Romanian currency and other currencies.BNR official rates returns an associative array with entries that associate each currency symbol name to the exchange rate value against the Romanian currency.BNR official rates can also convert the currency symbol into ...
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    cuaderno19 can be used to receipt files according to the Spanish laws. This class make Cuaderno 19 file needed to recive payments by client's bank account.Limitations:The code and comments are in Spanish.
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    Czech Course can be used to get the conversion rates between the Czech currency and other currencies. It retrieves a XML document with the conversion rates for a given date from the CNB bank site.Czech Course parses the retrieved XML document and finds the conversion rate between the Czech currency to another given currency.
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    CurrencyExchange can be used to convert money amounts between two currencies using the European Central bank currencies XML feed.Features of CurrencyExchange:- It has methods to set the original and the converted currencies.- It may either return the conversion rate or the converted value of a given amount.- It can cache a previously retrieved version of the currencies feed to minimize ...
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    GestPayCrypt-PHP is an implementation in PHP of GestPayCrypt and GestPayCryptHS Italian bank Banca Sella java classes. It allows to connect to online credit card payment gateway GestPay.
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