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    SQL Backup classes can be used to provide a backup and restore solution of SQL databases that can work with multiple database types. It uses another database abstraction package to query the database table structure. It extracts the data in the tables to generate a database backup file that contains in a list of SQL statements.The restore process just reads ...
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    Simple MySQL dump can be used to dump a MySQL database as a list of SQL statements. It can retrieve the database tables metadata and execute and SQL SELECT query to retrieve all the data of the tables to be dumped.Simple MySQL dump returns a string with the table creation and record insertion statements similar to what the mysql_dump command ...
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    MySQL DB Backup can be used to create backup files of MySQL databases in the form of lists of SQL statements that can be executed to restore the database.MySQL DB Backup can store the backup data in compressed or uncompressed files directly, instead of concatenating the whole data in a text string, thus avoiding to use too much memory when ...
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    Backup Database can be used to take backups and restore a MySQL database.There are two classes: - one that queries a given database and saves its contents to a backup file, - another that reads a backup file and restores the contents of the database tables.
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    MySQL Backup Pro is meant to provide backup and restore services of MySQL databases. It provides a friendly tab based user interface that lets the users create backups of given MySQL databases to files, listing previously generated backups, restore a given backup and deleting backup files.Currently MySQL Backup Prorequires PHP with the bzip or zlib extension enabled to generate compressed ...
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    SQL Export is a simple class which can dump one or more tables from a MySQL database as a series of SQL statements. It can be used to generate backup copies of only certain tables of a MySQL database.The table dumps are made up of valid MySQL queries that can be executed later to restore the table definitions and any ...
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    MySQL Backup can be used to backup MySQL database to files that contain SQL statements to recreate the database.MySQL Backup can backup whole databases or individial tables. Optionaly it may backup only the structure of tables without data.MySQL Backup can create files that may optionally be compressed with the gzip algorithm. The generated backup files can be saved to a ...
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    All DB Backup can be used to take a backup of a database to a file with SQL statements that can be used to restore the database. It can generate SQL statements that can be used to restore just the database table data or also the database table schema.All DB Backup uses the PEAR::DB abstraction layer to access the database, ...
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    mysql_dump can be used to take backups of MySQL databases by generating files with SQL commands similar to the output of mysql_dump program. It can also restore a database from SQL commands generated by the backup process.mysql_dump can generate the backup output of one or more databases. It may also backup all tables of a database or just a few ...
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    MySQL Restore can be used to execute batches of MySQL database queries read from files or text strings. It can be useful to restore backups of MySQL database that generate SQL query lists meant for that purpose.The SQL data can be compressed with gzip algorithm. MySQL Restore can also build an array of queries strings in a class variable without ...
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    Logfiles and logrecords handles log files with a limit size and makes a backup of theold logfile if its limit size is reached.A timer can be used to log how long the procedure took to finish. With this class it is very easy to simultaneously write more than one logfile.
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    mySQL Backup Script is a simple script that will create a mysqldump of your database and upload it to a ftp server. This can be configured to determine which database (or all) you want to backup, where you stock it locally and where you upload it.
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    memDB is a memory based database manager class that can also dump the information either in a file or a string that useful when you store a memDB in another database.
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    MySQLi Database is a wrapper around the MySQLi extension to access MySQL databases. The package is composed of two classes: one extends the MySQLi class to execute several types of database access functions and another extends the mysqli_result class to manipulate result sets.Features of MySQLi Database:- Optional exception throwing on connection or query errors- All the result fetching functions use ...
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    Class CSeguridad can create backup archives of files stored in the server. It can traverse a given directory recursively and present a form to let the user select the files that will be included in the backup.When the user submits the form, the class uses the Devin Doucette TAR/GZIP/BZIP2/ZIP Archives class to generate a compressed archive with all selected files.
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