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    NOW released under GPL License. phpMySQLAutoBackup is the simple way to backup MySQL databases - automates the backup of your MySQL databases. Exports your database (data and structures), compresses it into gzip format and emails it to you. Schedule it to run every day/week by adding it to a cron job, or use phpJobScheduler. Features of phpMySQLAutoBackup - automate your ...
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    Backup Class can take backup copies of one or more directories at once. The tar program is used to build backup files for each of the given directories.After the backup files are generated, they are copied to a local backup directory or to a remote directory accessible via FTP.
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    There is one class that can extract the schema and data rows from a given MySQL database and generates a file with SQL statements that can be used to restore the database structure later if necessary.The generated database backup file can be served for download.A specified directory is being traversed by another class, which copies all of its files and ...
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    Easy MySQL Dump traverses the list of tables of a given MySQL database and generates the SQL statements that would be necessary to recreate all the tables and the data in their records.The generated SQL statements can be returned as a single text string or served for download directly or compressed in the gzip format.Easy MySQL Dump can also be ...
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    Backup database structure accesses a given MySQL database and generates files with SQL statements that can be used later to restore the database structure and data in the database.The database dump file can optionally be saved in a compressed format in order to minimize its size.Requirements:PHP 4.3 or higher
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    Large Database Backup can list the tables of a given MySQL database and generate SQL statements to create and insert records with the current values of the table rows, as if it was creating a new database. The generated SQL statements get stored in files.A full backup process can be split in multiple iterations to not exceed PHP default script ...
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    The web interface is AJAX based and can be extended with additional plug-in modules.Key Features of Site administrator tool set:- Execute SQL queries- Backup and restore tables in a database- File manager that allows downloading, uploading and deleting server side filesRequirements:PHP 4.3 or higher
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    Check backup can take a file with a list of files to create backup copy to a given backup directory.Check backup can determine which files changed since the last backup session before creating a compressed tar archive of the old backup directory and copying the new files.A log can be generated and an e-mail message with the list of files ...
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    Copy all tables MYSQL Database FROM: MYSQL-Server, HTTP-Path file or Upload file dump TO: MYSQL-Server, One file, File-parts dump. Advanced statistics. Improved stability. Multiuser. Report to file. No limit database size. Convert Charset. Only one PHP file 26kb. Perfect tool :)
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    Idut Backup is a file and database backup system. Idut Backup is powerful yet easy to use and simple to setup. Written in PHP, you can backup and restore physical files and MySQL tables.
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    Script to handle your mysql database online. no installation required, just plug and play :-) Features of PHP MySQL Smart: - help - database/Table/Filed browsing - field description - table description - database description - all kind of queries - select * works also - error messages - number of affected rows - multible statements - database/table backup (via dump ...
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    Have you ever used Microsoft word to create a document? No doubt its very easy to use and extremely user friendly. Our easy website editor has been based on Microsoft word document technology which ensures that you can easily with a click of a mouse can make any type of changes to your website just like you do it to ...
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    Simple script to repair, optimize, and backup your MySQL databases and to download your compressed SQL file. Shows summary of actions as well as download links. PHP4.
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    MySQLDump is a PHP script aims to make backup copies of all tables in a MySQL database. It queries a database and generates a list of SQL statements that can be used later to execute and restore the database table structure and their contents.This script generates SQL statements to restore only the table structure or also the table row data. ...
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    One of the biggest pains in hosting a website comes when you realize that you need to switch servers, or mirror a website. Ideally your initial server should do you just fine, but theres always those times when you find a better deal, the initial server gets hacked and you need to move, or for whatever reason you need to ...
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