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  1. BackWPup
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    BackWPup is a backup utility for the WordPress blogging platform. The plugin is not yet fully developed for production usage, but works fine. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Features of BackWPup:- Database Backup- WordPress XML Export- Optimize Database- Check\Repair Database- File Backup- Multisite support only as network ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    The w3easyAdmin provides basic file and folder management, source code editing, file upload, file backup and chmod functionality. Moreover it is prepared to easily integrate well respected open source applications like CKEditor (advanced wysiwyg editor), KCFinder (i.a. image and multimedia file uploader, image previewer), the PHFTP online ftp manager and an javascrypt text encryption script. There is also included a ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    woodyWebBacker is a PHP server backup script and can compress an entire website, with its database and send it to the webmaster.Supports sending compressed data to a FTP account, via email or to an Amazon S3 account and can also be run as a cron job for automating the backup process.If the compressed archive is too large, it will automatically ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    FTP or Amazon S3 Server Backup is a PHP script for creating server backups. Compressed backups can then be sent to a remote FTP server or to an Amazon S3 account. The code is well commented enough to get you started on your own project.
  5. WordPress SQL Backup
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    WordPress SQL Backup is a plugin that allows you to easily preform a sql backup from within your dashboard. The plugin is very secure and only allows administrators to preform a backup.This plugin allows you to create a backup and download it or email it to the administrator as an attatchment. This plugin also works great and has been tested ...
  6. Wordpress Backup
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    Wordpress Backup is a backup utility for WordPress and helps admins create automated backups of a WP site and send it via email. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Features of Wordpress Backup:- Choose between: Twice per hour, Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly backups.- Choose between “Complete” or ...
  7. Simple-MySQL-Backup
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    This is a PHP script to backup MySQL databases. Users have the ability to email backups and delete them on demand. Features of Simple-MySQL-Backup:- Backup of databases and compression- Emailing of backup files- Uses mysqldump and gzipRequirements:- PHP mysqldump installed- PHP gzip installed- Rights to execute the PHP "exec" command
  8. PHP MySQLDump Browser
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    PHP MySQLDump Browser allows users/system admins to browse through MySQL Database Backups (Dump Files). Users can view and extract individual table structures and or data from MySQL database dumps. Use this PHP script to avoid restoring entire backups to recover individual tables. Database dumps complied by mysqldump and phpMyAdmin are compatible with this tool.Instruction:- Place the script on your webserver ...
  9. Cpanel cURL Backup
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    This PHP Script is designed to back up of cPanel-based hosting accounts regularly. It sends HTTP requests to a cPanel hosting panel server to request a backup of a given user account. Backup data will be saved to a given local file and can be places wherever the user desires.Requirements:- PHP 5.2 or Higher
  10. No Screenshot
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    This class can be used to generate a MySQL database backup using PDO. It can query the structure of a given MySQL database and generate SQL statements to recreate and insert the records of the tables in the database. The resulting SQL statements are returned as a single string that can be served for download or stored in a file.
  11. No Screenshot
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    This class can be used to Backup and restore MySQL databases from XML files.It can query database schema and data and generates a XML document that describes the database tables and data contained in the table rows.The class can also parse a XML document previously generated by the class and restores the database schema and its rows.
  12. Site pages guard
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    This class can be used to monitor and restore damaged application files.It can scan the application directory and take a backup of its files into a ZIP archive.Later the class can check if all files are still OK. If any files were damaged eventually due to a security, the class may warn the administrator by e-mail and restore the damaged ...
  13. No Screenshot
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    This class can be used to export MySQL database to ZIP files. It can generate a dump of a MySQL database schema and data into a file. The resulting output is stored in a ZIP file.
  14. No Screenshot
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    This package can be used to generate backup copies of Web server directory files and MySQL databases. It uses a separate class to generate a backup archive in ZIP format of a given directory.Another class is used to take a backup of a given MySQL database into file with SQL statements that can be used to restore the database. The ...
  15. No Screenshot
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    MySQL Commander is a small tool to backup and restore MySQL Tables. Features of MySQL Commander: - backup/restore of binaries; - parametric backup; multiserver; - gzipping; killing of backup files; - german/english; - Online help in popup.
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