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  1. WereProxy
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    WereProxy is a PHP proxy server for building backlinks. What it does is look at POST requests and replace all URLs with the ones specified in a configuration file.WereProxy checks the response to the POST request and reverses all the changes it made in the response so the proxy user does not notice anything.It can also pick a random proxy ...
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    2738 total visits
    Check your Google Ranking, Alexa Ranking and Dmoz. Show the number of backlinks and the number of indexed pages from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Altavista, Alltheweb.Look at the differences between two checking, to monitor on real time your search engine visibility. Useful for web companion of submission and optimization on search engines. The script show also the Google last visit date ...
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    1791 total visits
    LinkExchange provides simple mechanism of managing links exchnage with your site including adding new links, updating and deleting existing and allowing you to check if the backlink to your site is present on target web page.
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    1546 total visits
    SkaLinks Exchange Script is modern and convenient script, which was specially created for arranging link categories on those sites that employ the reciprocal links exchange concept.Features of SkaLinks Links Exchange Script: - Script installer; - Links exchange; - Advanced backlink verification; - Open editors system;- Multiple editors managing their own categories and links – build an open DMOZ- like directory;- ...
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    1807 total visits
    PHP Reciprocial Links is search engine friendly link exchange software, all links pages appears with clean URL. Powerfull admin area, you ca check reciprocial links, approve, delete, submitted links. Send email to members. Easy set up.Multilevel link categories. there is cron file, which check reiprocial links, it email you when finds dead links. It is completly free software, just keep ...
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    2139 total visits
    Full featured reciprocal link exchange manager software that makes it easy to find and contact quality link partners, generate custom link pages that match your site, and keep track of reciprocal links. As a site-based Php tool script.LinkMachine automatically updates your link pages the instant they're changed - no uploading required. Also includes SEO Wizard to compare your site with ...
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    1722 total visits
    LX lets people add their own link to your page instantly and has an option to check for the existence of your reciprocal link first. It also has an admin page to maintain your active, pending and blacklisted links.
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