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    phplibTemplateExtention provides several enhancements over the original template class.Key Features of phplibTemplateExtention:- Automatic detection and declaration of blocks- Automatic "blanking" of unused blocks- Blocks automatically declared in proper nested order.- All calls to set up template/file/paths/names in the class call.
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    Auto-Responder implements an email auto-response system. It accesses mailboxes via POP3 or IMAP protocols and sends out automatic responses emails to the messages found in the inbox folder.Currently Auto-Responder implements three types of auto-response:- Send a response message using a given file- Send response message using contents read from a given Web URL (in this case the email subject has ...
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    Access Methods can be used to map accesses to class variables into calls to setter and getter methods.Access Methods provides functions that can called from a class __set and __get methods to automatically set or get the property values by calling the class setter and getter methods for the respective properties.For example, if there is a property named "name", Access ...
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    Class Doc can be used to process PHP code to generate automatic documentation in a configurable idiom. This script is a classes and functions documentation tool.CLASSES:- Their analysis is based on packages.- A first form is used to create a package name.- A second one is used to upload classes in the package. If you have inherited classes, you MUST ...
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    Gets very accurate time from NIST, accurate to 0.01 seconds. Gets current date and time. You can run cron or scheduler to automatically sync your computer's time with USA atomic clock.Runs on all OSes - unix, linux, Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT
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    MyTemplate is very powerful template engine. It allows including a nested template file directly into another template file and automaticaly parse it in any template in set.Working with dinamic blocks is so easy. Only assign block variables and get result. You do not need to parse each block 'manualy'. Automaticaly parses PHP constant and global variables into templates.Supports multiply template ...
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    AutoFill can generate form text input values that can automatically complete the values entered by the user with a given list pre-defined values. It generates the necessary Javascript code to add auto-complete support to a form text input with a given identifier.You can define the maximum number of options that will be displayed to let the user pick one that ...
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    With NinethSense Login Validation Script, we can block automatic programmes used by hackers for login.
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