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  1. PHP Login
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    PHP Login is a small PHP proto-application for user authorization on a website. You can use it as a starting point for creating your website. Features of PHP Login:- Email as login name- User registration- Password reminder- Email confirmation- Easy installation by running install.php script- Powered by PHP mysql class- jQuery for the front end- AJAX-based login/logout operations- AJAX-based on-the-fly ...
  2. tmhOAuth
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    tmhOAuth is a PHP library for the OAuth 1.0A standard. OAuth is an open standard for authorization, used with many renowned web services around, like Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc.. Even if the OAuth 1.0A standard has been deprecated for version 2.0, most sites still use it. Requirements:- PHP 5.1.2 or Higher Limitations:- Still in development. Might change drastically from version ...
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    EPS_Cybersource can send HTTP requests to Cybersource SOAP Web services API server to perform several types of operations to process credit card payments. The script can request payment authorization, return the payment request result and request reversal of a previous request. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    cPanel Account Creator is a quick and easy cpanel account creation script, written to be as simple as possible.Users/Login details are stored in a file, why? There was so many database driven cpanel account creators out there I didn't see the point of recreating them, especially for something that was just a play around.In future versions I might look at ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    Authorization rules can be read from an INI file and then it is checked if a specified IP matches those rules. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Security authorization can start a session and store a variable with a value that is also encrypted and set to a cookie. If the cookie has expired or the decrypted cookie value different than the session variable value, the session is destroyed and the user is redirected to an authentication page. The cookie can be regenerated and verified for every ...
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    jUser enables you to authorize users using HTTP. There are also functions to add, update and delete users. Users can have varying access levels.
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