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    clsLoginHandler provides a generic interface to authenticate site users. It can try multiple types of authentication until one succeeds. Each type of authentication may have additional parameters to configure details.Currently clsLoginHandler supports only database table lookup and fixed user authentication types. Additionally, the password entered by the user may be encrypted with an arbitrary algorithm implemented by a given callback ...
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    authenticator is intended to authenticate users by calling a stored procedure of Microsoft SQL server named SP_Login.It works by comparing the password supplied by the user against the password returned by the stored procedure. These passwords are encrypted using the MD5 algorithm to avoid storing clear text passwords.authenticator may also output a simple login form in HTML ready to use ...
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    Perfect Authentication Class is meant to authenticate users and store authentication session identifiers in cookies. It is also capable of managing the list of authorized users in a file stored in the server.The authentication identifier contains an hash value that is stored in user computer by the means of cookies. The hash value is also stored on a temporary file ...
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    CAuth is a little class which authenticates a user on a mysql database. Its extending CSession, which contains the Session-Variables and takes the Users stats over the Session.CAuth counts every new click on a page and write it in to database that we can later follow the users way through our web-content.
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    Burning Auth is a script to handle user authenticated access to php scripts. The goal is quite simple: protect from unauthorized access those pages who need to be kept under admin control, such as data/content administration and/or members only areas on a website.Security is achieved through a database authentication and mantained with a Session variable set to the authenticated user's ...
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    phpMyAuth is an easy to use class based on MySQL for developing sites that require the users to login.
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    This suite provides you with very fast, secure and easy to use, authentication components that you can use to protect your website. Auth Suite implements three methods of user authentication. The first one simply allows or denys access to protected pages by checking a user account on a database. The second way allows you to group your users, that way ...
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    PHP Auth is meant to manage the records of a directory of users and provide users authentication services.It can create, edit, delete and search a directory of users with properties stored in records of a SQL database. It provides pre-built registration and user record editing HTML forms.PHP Auth may also authenticate a user presenting a login form and logout the ...
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    Advanced HTTP Client is a http client class.Advanced HTTP Client supports:- HTTP Proxy with Basic Authenticationmultipart/form-data AND application/x-www-form-urlencoded- GET, HEAD and POST methods- HTTP cookies- Chunked Transfer-Encoding- HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 protocols- Keep-Alive Connections- Basic WWW-Authentication
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    Authentication, a simple class, used for implementation of an usual member and administration pages. It uses sessions and cookies if desired. It requires the PEAR DB library and Smarty template system.
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    cUser is meant to add, remove and authenticate users with records stored in a database.It comes with module class to manage the storage of users in a MySQL database but it can be replaced with modules to store in other databases.
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    PasswdAuth uses the .htpasswd to authenticate access to your PHP script.
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    UserManage is a compact suite that can easily be used in any PHP script. It is modelledlike a puzzle: there is the "core" that handles basic authentication, and then there are other modules that handle utility functions (e.g. a database handler that help top-level modules like the permissions handler).With User Manage, developers can build applications with the standard user authentication ...
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    The PHP Desk Library is a set of php code in order to handle every day PHP functions of a website such as user authentication and database queries.
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    XID is back with many new advanced features. Now includes Admin panel with many features, IP Ban, IP Log, User info lookup, Change Users Info , and delete users. Users can change almost all there login details. profiles are more advanced. A NEW settings menu lets you change the appearence of your site and password from anywhere. All failed attempts ...
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