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    HTTP client class uses sockets opened with either fscokopen or the cURL library, depending on which is available in the current PHP setup.Key Features of HTTP client class:- Supports to HTTP Basic authentication- Supports defining custom request headers- Supports defining connection timeout values- Supports defining user agent and referral URL- Supports both user-defined and persistent cookies- Supports secure connections (HTTPS)- ...
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    Login and DB classes quick start takes the user name and password of an authenticating user against user records in a MySQL database.Session variables can be setup and the last login date can be updated if the user successfully authenticates.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Login Class can present an HTML form to submit the user name and password when the user is not yet authenticated. The user credentials are checked against records stored in a MySQL table.If the user is authenticated successfully, the class sets some session variables with the user details. The MySQL database table fields to check are configurable.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    User Checker connects to a MySQL database and retrieves the password field of the record a given user to be authenticated.If the given user record exists, the class verifies whether the password is correct, eventually using a configurable password hashing function. The database table name, as well as the user identifier and password field name, can be configured.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or ...
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    CrossAuth can be used to authenticate users in multiple domains at once.CrossAuth generates HTML with Javascript tags for one domain that also submits the same user name and password to the authentication page of another domain when the user is successfully authenticated in the main domain.CrossAuth does not perform the actual verification of the submitted user name and password. It ...
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    Simple OpenID PHP Class can be used to authenticate users with OpenID single sign-on Web services.Simple OpenID PHP Class can set the required and optional user profile fields that the users must provide to authenticate, establish a connection to an OpenID server, redirect the user browser to the OpenID server pages, making the browser be redirected back to a given ...
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    Upload and delete files from the directory the program is in and any sub directories. It can optionally authenticate the user. XQTO File Manager allows you to edit a file. Specify which file extensions can be edited. Add and remove directories.
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    LDAP AD Class can be used to access an LDAP server and server for data in the directory. It can establish a connection to an LDAP server and authenticate with a given user and password.LDAP AD Class can also perform searches the directory with given parameters and return the results in arrays. It uses the PHP LDAP extension.
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    ABG_SMTPMail can be used to send e-mail messages using the SMTP protocol.It consists of three variants of the same class, two of which are versions of the main class with less features.The main class supports authentication, sending messages to multiple recipients using To or Cc headers, validate an e-mail address checking the syntax or checking the destination SMTP server.
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    Auth_SASL class provides code to handle generating clientside responses to various SASL mechanisms including:- Digest-MD5- Cram-MD5- Plain- Anonymous- Login (Pseudo mechanism)
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    SMK User Authentication can be used to authenticate users against a MySQL database of user records. It can verify whether there is a record for an active user given the user name and password.If the authentication succeeds, it creates a record for a new session in another database table.The new session identifier is set to a session cookie. This cookie ...
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    Access user Class is meant to manage the registration of users of a site and restrict the access to the site pages to registered users.Features of Access user Class:- User login authentication verification- New site member user registration- Remember login information- Account activation by sending a verification e-mail to the member address- Page access restriction to site member users- Forgotten ...
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    HHSecureObject can be used to authenticate users that can access to Web site pages.The accounts of the users are defined as permission arrays in PHP scripts. The class uses HTTP Basic authentication to request that the users authenticate themselves.When an user is authenticated successfully, the class stores the authentication status in session variables, so the authentication dialog is not opened ...
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    MySQL Login can be used to authenticate users with records stored in a MySQL database table.Features of MySQL Login:- Customization of the table and the fields to lookup to verify the existence of an account and the respective password- A session variable is always set whether or not the user authenticated correctly- Customize the URL of pages to redirect when ...
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    Simple Authentication and Security Layer provides a single interface for implementing multiple standard authentication mechanisms commonly used by Internet protocols such as SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTP, etc.Currently Simple Authentication and Security Layer implements following mechanisms:- PLAIN- LOGIN- CRAM-MD5- NTLM (used by Windows or Linux/Unix with Samba)- Basic (used in HTTP Basic authentication)- Digest (used in HTTP Digest authentication)
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