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    Inkblot Auth can authenticate users by showing them inkblot images. It can associate a given user password with a list of inkblot images. The user chooses the password after seeing a list of inkblots and tell what those inkblots look like.The script can authenticate the user after showing him the same inkblots in a random order and asking the user ...
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    This PHP script is created to authenticate users by their Facebook account credentials in which Zend Framework views and controllers classes are used to interact with the Facebook Connect Web Services API. Facebook API is used by Zend Framework Facebook Library to redirect the user to a Facebook page on which it may authenticate the Facebook user and allow an ...
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    This PHP script is mainly used to authenticate users using Facebook connect. It displays a Facebook connect button to let the users click and be lead to a Facebook page on which they may authorize the application to obtain access to the Facebook user accounts.The user is redirected to a configurable page on which applications are authenticated against Facebook servers, ...
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    Authenticator_ciacob is developed to register and authenticate users with records in a database. Register new users, confirm user registrations, authenticate existing users and retrieve user password to send by e-mail as reminders are the main tasks of this Free PHP script. The queries to perform each user record database access are defined in a XML configuration file.Hack prevention built-in system ...
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