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    MP3 Management can be used to build a catalog MP3 files in a MySQL database. It can traverse a given directory to find MP3 files.For each MP3 file that is found, it extracts its ID3 tags and adds an entry in a MySQL database. The database records are indexed by keyword specified in the ID3 tags.MP3 Management also extracts 20 ...
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    Audio_Playlist browses the specified folders and create a play list file. When the file list is retrieved, a template will create the play list.You can specify the extension of the file to browse. A log is created during the construction of the play list.Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    Audio Converter can be used to convert MP3 and WMA files to the OGG Vorbis format. It uses the mp32ogg, mplayer and oggenc external programs to perform the conversions.The converted audio samples are stored in separate files with given names.
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    Numeric TTS can be used to generate audio to spell numbers using different voices and idioms. It generates a audio files in the WAVE format by concatenation audio samples that spell the digits of a number.The digit audio samples are available for male and female voices in English and Arabic. The resulting audio sample can be stored in a file ...
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    Shoutcast Info is meant to retrieve status information from a Shoutcast streaming server. It can retrieve information like currently playing track, current DJ, listeners, etc..Shoutcast Info retrieves this information by accessing the HTTP server that provides status information in an HTML page that is retrieved and parsed by this class.
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    PHP VQF Metadata Extractor will extract metadata such as artist,song title,bitrate and channel mode (eg. stereo/mono) from VQF audio files.
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    PHP Composer is meant to render images of the musical score of ring tones notes used in cellular phones, defined in the RTTL format.PHP Composer parses the RTTL ring tones string to extract the information about the author, duration, scale, beats per minute and the notes of the tune.Then PHP Composer renders the score image using a customizable logo and ...
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    VXML Parser class allows you to validates XML files.Features of VXML Parser:- Validate XML- Validate VXML 2.0 Tags- Validate that VXML tag is present in the beginning of the vxml document with the version 2.0- Validate VXML elements functionality- Valate VXML attributts functil document
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    AudioFile was basically built to recognize attributes (like frequency, format, channels, resolution, compression, length, id3-tags) of audio-files (.wav,.aif,.mp3,.ogg).Furthermore the latest version includes a method to visualize audio-samples as known in common audio-software (waveLab, CoolEdit...) using the GD-library.
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    WavForge is capable of generating uncompressed audio PCM files in the WAV format. The class allows to configure the output sample number of channel, the number of samples per second and the sample rate.Currently WavForge can only generate audio samples with sine wave forms. The tone frequence, volume and duration of the wave form can be configured.
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    Festival Text to Speech Wrapper is a simple wrapper class that can call the Festival text to speech generation tool of the University of Edinburgh.The class can take strings of text that are stored in work files for passing to the Festival tool programs as text input sources.Festival Text to Speech Wrapper provides functions for generating audio speech files in ...
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    WavEdit can be used to manipulate audio files in the WAV format. Currently in only supports uncompressed audio files with a single channel of 8 or 16 bit samples.WavEdit can perform the following manipulation types:- Open multiple WAV audio files- Parse the WAV file header information- Crop an audio file- Apply audio effects such as: fade in, fade out, echo, ...
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    MP3 Jukebox provides the functionality of a simple jukebox like Web based Radio. It can generate and serve play list files that contain the URLs of a set of audio files that are queued for playing consecutively.The audio files to be played are stored in queue directory. The class keeps the play order according to the order by which the ...
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    ID3 Tag Reader can extract informations like artist, album, year, gender, track, etc. from MP3 audio files. You can use it to help creating a site to download or present audio tracks in MP3 format.Notice: ID3 Tag Reader only read ID3v2 tags, not ID3v1.
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    ID3Tag Read and Write can read and write the tags of files in MP3 format or other format that support id3tag. It can read and write several types of tags. This package supports tags of the specification versions 1.0, 1.1 and 2.4.The ID3 Web site documents all the types of tag frames allowed in the specification version 2.4. One interesting ...
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