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    MMail can compose and send text or HTML e-mail messages with one or more attachement files.Features of MMail:- MIME encoding of text and HTML body parts.- HTML messages with embedded images - multipart/related messages.- Text and HTML versions in the same message - multipart/alternative messages.- Attachments - Addition of file parts.
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    Attachment Mailer composes an HTML message that may include one or more attached files. The IMAP_mail function is used to send the composed message.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    libMail2008 wraps around the PHP mail() function and provides an interface to compose and send e-mail messages with attachments.This version adds support for multipart/alternative parts to allow sending HTML messages with alternative text parts in the same message.libMail2008 also supports multipart/related parts to embed images in HTML messages, thus avoiding the need to reference images loaded from remote Web servers.Requirements:PHP ...
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    activeMailLib is a class that can validate e-mail addresses and send MIME email messages using the PHP mail() function. activeMailLib can generate text or HTML E-mail messages with user defined headers, body parts and character encoding.File parts can also be attached to the messages.activeMailLib may also perform email address validation based on a regular expression. It may optionally check the ...
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    Compose Mail is intended to send multipart e-mail messages.Compose Mail can send messages in HTML with an alternative text part to be viewed with e-mail programs that do not support displaying HTML messages. Optionally, it can also send multiple files as attachments.
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    CMail Composite can compose and send message optionally with one or more attachment files. The class provides means to define many types of message headers by setting some of the class variables.There is also a function that can be used to add attachement files to the current message, one at a time.
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    Easy Mail can be used to compose and send HTML e-mail messages with optional attachment files. The headers From, To, Subject and the Return-Path e-mail address can be defined as class variables.The message can be composed and sent just by calling a single function which can be any of the variants to send plain text messages or HTML messages with ...
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    ES-email was made for composing and sending complex e-mail messages using the MIME standards.Features of ES-email:- Includes file attachments in the messages- Sends alternative HTML and plain text versions- Sends data taken from a form, from arguments passed to the page via its URL (query string) and/or an arbitrary array.
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    clsImap is meant to encapsulate the access to message accounts with the protocols IMAP, POP or NNTP. It can retrieve messages and any attachments.
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    Parse Mail can parse an e-mail message to extract its headers and body parts. It extracts the values of common types of headers. The message text body and attachment parts are cut out of the mail text. Parts encoded with base64 method are automatically decoded.There is a simple example included to get incoming mail directly from sendmail (or equivalent) and ...
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    Email Attachments and HTML Support sends email and allows for multiple attachments and text or HTML emails. Simple to use and handles all errors and header complications from the user. Attach files using $email->Attach.
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    PHPFormmail is a PHP script, written in French, which allows you to send the contents of a form by email. Features of PHPFormmail:- file attachment support, - ability to make copies of recipients, - configurable redirection page, - option to define the form's priority (Urgent, High, etc).
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    libMail is a full featured Mail component written in PHP. Features of libMail: - To, CC, BCC, Attachements (single or multiple); - Priority, Organization, Receipt and an email-address checker (can be disabled). Documentation is now available in english and french. libMail is a Cardware - Send the author a mail if you're happy with it.
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