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    Generic Mail is a PEAR::Mail wrapper class to simplify the composition and delivery of text or HTML messages, eventually with attachment files.To use Generic Mail you just need to call the sendmail function specifying the sender address, one or more receipient addresses and an array of data with additional parameters.The additional parameters include the message subject, the message text, whether ...
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    pg_email reads a template file to extract details about the messages to be sent such as the text or HTML contents, the recipient addresses, the subject, etc..pg_email processes the template, eventually replacing template variables inserted in the text and HTML body data. The messages processed can be sent immediately or saved to files. A log file may be updated as ...
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    Sendemail.Class.PHP can be used to compose and send text and HTML e-mail messages. It can send messages with either an HTML and a plain text parts in the same message body.Sendemail.Class.PHP may also send multiple optional files attached to the message. It also provides means to change the priority of delivery of the message.
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    RaSMail is a simple class thats include all the classic methods for send mail. It supports attachment, html or texplain mailformat and other features.
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    mail-mime is meant to send messages as HTML with attachment files. It lets you set the message text, specify the character set, sender address, recipient addresses with either To: , Cc: or Bcc: and add as many attachment files as you want.If you specify more than one To: recipient address, the class will send separate messages to each recipient.
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    MIMEMail is a simple class that compose a MIME e-mail message with optional attached files and send the message via SMTP.
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    A mailbox can be accessed by using a specified username and password.Key Features of Receive_mail:- Get the total number of message in a mailbox- Get the headers and body of specific messages- Extract attachments from messages- Delete messagesRequirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    rsIMAP classes can use the PHP IMAP extension to retrieve e-mail messages from a mailbox stored in an IMAP server.rsIMAP classes can also compose and send new messages using other functions of the PHP IMAP extension. Currently rsIMAP classes allows attaching a file to a message to be sent with a given text body.
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    Messages for one or more recipients can be composed using To:, CC:, or BCC: headers. The messages may have custom headers, a text part, an HTML part, both text and HTML, and other types of data.SMTPs supports sending attachments and signing or encrypting message data using GPG. The delivery is done relaying on a SMTP server. The LOGIN authentication method ...
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    Extended PHP Mailer can compose and send e-mail messages with support for defining the message body text from a template file.Extended PHP Mailer can send text or HTML messages. The messages may have attached one or more attached files. It may also encode the text of the headers and body in several character sets to be sent according the e-mail ...
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    Complete Emailer Class can be used to compose and send HTML or plain text messages with optional attached files.Complete Emailer Class provides functions for setting the sender address, one or more recipient address to set either the To:, Cc: or BCc: addresses, message subject, the message body, the message type (HTML or text), and add one or more attachement files.essage ...
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    Mail Attach is a simple class for composing and sending e-mail messages with attached files.Mail Attach provides variables and functions for setting the message sender, receipient, subject and adding one or more files to the message composition before sending.
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    Send mail class allows you to send text/html mails with multiple attachments.Using Send mail you can send a mail:- with multiple attachments,- set priority,- send text or HTML mails- Specify any nunber of CC,BCCThe code is clearly commented and self descriptive exampleis also given along with the source code.
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    Send e-mail messages with attached files.
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    Sendmail Attachment Files is a simple class for sending e-mail messages with attachment files.Sendmail Attachment Files can send HTML or text messages with one or more attachment files with support for setting the headers From:, To:, Reply-To:, Cc: and Bcc:. Most headers are optional.
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