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    All general elements of a form can be generated in jForm. Form elements are generated using mostly just associative arrays.
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    Bitmasks that are longer than 32 bits can be manipulated and the GMP PHP extension is not required for arbitrary bit length support. This absence of limits may encourage the storage of more complex data than merely true or false lists for those that are creative enough to figure it out.Although PHP programmers commonly rely on databases to do much ...
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    phpQuery can load HTML or XML documents and implements an iterator interface to traverse the document nodes as if they were array nodes.Several functions for manipulating and searching for document nodes are implemented.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    class_arrays provides additional functions to manipulate arrays. It is able to compact the array values in a in text line, add an array to another and to remove a specified value from an array.
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    An array class variable is used to store the result of the decomposition.Power of 2 class can also perform the opposite operation that is to depart from a binary sequence array to compute the integer number represented by the sequence.
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    Iterator encapsulates an array and providing functions similar to the ones that exist in the vector class in C .Vectors are arrays of values that may have mixed data types. Each value of a vector is accessed by the respective numerical index position.Iterator provides many functions to access vector arrays manipulating their values and indexes.
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    XML to Sensible Array takes a XML document string and parses it to build an array with the document structure.A nested associative array with details of each document node, such as the tag names, attributes and contained data, is returned.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Text that renders a bi-demensional array's data into table with aligned rows and columns, is generated.The layout can be configured with additional information that specified details like the limit width of each column, vertical and horizontal alignment of the cells of each column, the characters used to separate rows, columns and line breaks.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    The arrays grow or shrink dynamically to whatever we tweak it.Key Features of tweak_array:- Insert/add elements to any position of your array(s)- Delete elements from your array(s)- Move elements within your array(s)- Replace elements from your array(s)
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    Qexec establishes database connections, executes queries and returns the results in arrays. Query text literal values can also be escaped.Requirements: PHP 3 or higher
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    sql4array can execute SQL SELECT queries on bi-dimensional array, for which the first dimension is the row number and the second dimension the field names.The WHERE clause can be used to specify conditions with operators such as =, >,The results are returned as arrays and can be sorted with the ORDER clause and restricted with the clause LIMIT.Requirements: PHP 5.0.0 ...
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    The @ character precedes the placeholder marks.Parse HTML Template replaces placeholder marks by template parameter values passed as an associative array.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    A calendar array is generated from a specified year an month.The generated calendar array is two dimensional:- The first dimension represents the week. - The second dimension represents the days of the week, so it always have 7 positions, one for each day of the week.The array positions of days of the first or last weeks of the month that ...
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    data_table requires a bi-demensional array. The table can be set to be orderable and so the headers appear as links that will make the table be sorted when they are clicked.data_table also has an automatic next-previous functions which will show links at the bottom of the table when the count of data will be bigger than the count of shown ...
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    Quick Sort can be used to sort the elements of an array using a pure PHP implementation of the quick sort algorithm.Quick Sort traverses the values of the array and switches the positions of the elements of the array following the quick sort algorithm, until the array is all sorted.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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