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    Hierarchy traverse a given array and display the values of its entries as an HTML list. The entry values that are arrays are traversed recursively and displayed as nested lists. The CSS style can be customized in order to change the appearance of the lists. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    FBCount takes an array with a list of names and generates a single string separated with commas except the last two names that are separated by the word "and". A configurable template string passed to the sprintf function can be used to format the names. If the name list array is associative, both the array entry values and keys are ...
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    Filter Array into Categorized format traverses an array with associative array search for entries with a given key string. A new array with associative array entries, grouped by the same key string value, is built. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    dinamicParams can takes the name of a function, an optional object and an array with the list of parameters and calls the specified function of the object. The reflection API is used to determine the function parameters. The function is called using the parameter values passed as arguments in an array, filling missed parameters with the corresponding default values. Requirements: ...
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    PHP XML Little Parser parses a XML document passed as string and builds a nested array with document structure. The whole array with the XML document structure is returned. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Arrays containing the matching files or directories at the specified path, are returned.
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    Simple List takes an bi-dimensional array of data that define text to be presented in the HTML lists. A list of items indented to the level defined in the list data array is generated automatically.
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    The links are defined from an associative array that specify the URL of the links with the data that is displayed for the link. HTML List has variables to configure values of the presentation details of the list and the links such as: the list type, the font name, link text foreground and background color. HTML lists can be built ...
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    Stack provides API to manipulate a stack using two dimensional arrays. Functions of Stack:- Push an element- Pop an element- Retrieve the element at the top of the stack without removing it- Retrieve the size of the stack- Determine whether the stack is empty
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    iviArray represents the data type of an array, encapsulating PHP array functionality with few additional functions in a unified API (e.g. unified sorting function). See code documentation for exact usage of this class. The examples give a short overview about some important features. The code follows mostly the PEAR Coding Standards.
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    ndArray is a script used for storing and retrieving associative arrays. Once an array is stored, only one value of the desired array is required to retrieve the original values that were stored.
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    dList v3 to manipulate lists. It has many useful functions like ArrayList in .NET . You are able to serialize the list to Db (There is a save functions that manages everything for you). Later you are able to load the list again. Many features how to handle the data. dList v3 is definately something for people who want to ...
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    PHPDance can connect to ShareDance servers and store, retrieve or delete cached data associated to a a given key. It supports accessing multiple ShareDance servers and can optionally store data redundantly in two servers.A session handler class takes care of storing and retrieving session data from ShareDance servers.Requirements: PHP 5.1 or higher
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    All the standard array functions are emulated, but loopedArray also adds two additional ones, "before" and "after," which return the element before and after a specified one.
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    All URLs are stored in one file (webring.urls), and each link in the webring references one of three functions: next (next.php), previous (prev.php), or random (rand.php) at this site. A loopedArray object, simulating a "looped" array data type with a number or basic functions, is used.URLs are simply added to the webring.urls file as one per line. next.php, prev.php, and ...
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