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    The details get stored in a variable array in this class. Here are some key features of "QReflection":· Comments· Interfaces· Constants· Properties· Methods· Method signatures Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    The class extends the SPL ArrayObject class to be able to retrieve, add, update and delete entries in flat file database files using the DBM extension. Entries in a DBM file can also be traversed using the regular array access functions. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    This script provides and implementation of several algorithms to sort the elements of an array. The algorithms that are implemented are: Merge sort, Shell sort and Bubble sort.
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    This script can be used to generate permutations of elements of an array. It takes an array as parameter and generate arrays with permutations of its elements. The script calls a given callback function to process the generated permutation arrays in user defined way. Requirement:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    This package can be used to manage and search associative arrays using a Kart tree (key alteration radix tree). It can insert text strings that act as keys in a tree structure. The script can also search for the presence of such keys in the tree.
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    This script calculates and generates all combinations of array elements for n variables with a k class. The script takes an array elements and returns another array with values set to the specified type of combination of elements.The combination types implemented by this class are: - Pn - Pn(k) - Dn,k - D'n,k - Cn,k - C'n,k
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    A linked list is a data structure in which the objects are arranged in a linear order.Unlike an array, thought in which the linear order is determined by array indices, the order is determinded by a pointer in each object.
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    Quicksort produces a sorted sequence of an array form: index $start till index $end . Features:- Function Quick_sort sorts the input array directly.- Function QS_get gives a new array with a sorted sequence of the input array and leave the input array unchanged.
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    This tree menu PhillipiansTree creates a table (could be included in a template) from a php array (could be extract from a database). No level limitation, possibility of open or close nodes simultaneously, close all nodes, open all nodes, change colors and symbols.
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    Associative Quick Sort is designed to be the solution for how to make an associative quick sort in php.
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    Simple CSV Reader can open a CSV file and read its data into a bidimensional array. The retrieved data array can also be sorted and then displayed on the page. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    HTML to Array can be used to parse an traverse an HTML documents with it own inplementation of a DOM interface, the document nodes may be changed and the document may be saved back to HTML. HTML to Array is also called PHP code generator.HTML to Array contains a main class that provides a DOM like API parse and traverse ...
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    Link CSV can load a CSV file and return an array with the loaded data. Two array of data from previous loads can be linked in order to merge the rows that have the same value of two given columns of each CSV file. The script can also add, change and delete rows of a CSV file, as well search ...
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    Connector can prepare and execute MySQL prepared queries using the MySQLi extension. Query values and types are passed as arrays and bi-dimensional arrays are used to return the results. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Common Functions script can be used to display the structure of arrays. Commeon Function script is an Open Source PHP code generator.It takes an array value and display its structure and values.The script can also display the path and line of the source of the code.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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