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  1. Array Sorter
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    This PHP script is created to sort multidimensional arrays. It can take multidimensional array and sorts or an array of objects and sorts it by the value of a given array entry or object variable.The sorting entry name may include one more entry names, one per each dimension, the sorting order may be configured also to be ascending or descending.Requirements:- ...
  2. Easy Pagination Array
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    This script can present content values in split listings.It takes as input the total number of entries, the limit number of entries per page, and the number of the current page.It performs calculations and returns the number of the first and last entries to list in the current page.Requirements:- PHP 5.1 or Higher
  3. Recursion Helper
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    This PHP script transforms flat arrays into multidimensional arrays. It can recursively traverses bidimensional arrays of associative arrays and look at each entry for the a given indexes that contains the parent and child entry identifiers.Nested arrays can be built based on parent-child relationships.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  4. Array Treatment
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    This script can be used to count array values by given the entried names. It traverses a given array of associative array values and group all entries that have the same value of a given entry.Array Treatment can return an associative array with the key entries which is defined by one given entry, summing all values of another given entries.Requirements:- ...
  5. XParser
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    This PHP script can parse and access XML documents as if they were arrays. XML documents are parsed using the DOM extension.The script provides an array access interface so the XML document structure can be access as if it was a nested array structure.Two classes are provided, one for PHP 4, the other for PHP 5.Requirements:- PHP 4.0.0 or Higher
  6. crXml
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    crXML is a PHP script can be used to create, parse and manipulate XML documents using a combination of object and array notations.It can create a new XML document or load an existing document from a string and allow applications to manipulate the xml using PHPs object and array notations.Every crXml objects property maps to another crXml object(child) that wraps ...
  7. Validation Class
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    Validation Class is a free PHP validation sript can be used to validate one or more value of different types. It can validate a single value or an array of values according to one validation rule.Currently it can validate the values as e-mail addresses, numbers, letters, letters and numbers and non-empty strings.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  8. Ssearch
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    Sscearch is a PHP text processing script can be used to search and rank text results in an array.It can perform a query with keywords to be search in text entries stored in an array data set.This script can return the search results sorted by relevance ranking.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  9. Very Simple Diff
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    This script can be used to compare two strings and return the differences.It splits two strings in lines and compare the lines to determine the differences.Very Simple Diff script returns two arrays that tell which lines would need to be added or removed to turn the first string into the second string.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  10. IsSetAnd
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    This script can be used to assign value depending on array entry conditions.It can check the value of an array entry and test one of several possible conditions.The script returns the entry value if condition is satisfied, otherwise it returns NULL.It supports test conditions to verify if the array entry is set, is equal or different from another value, is ...
  11. Constant Array
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    This script can be used to declare arrays as constants.It serializes a given array value to a string and assigns it a given constant.The script can also do the opposite, i.e retrieve the original constant array value by unserializing the value assigned to the constant.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  12. PHP DB Object
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    This PHP script can be used to manipulate PHP objects as arrays. It can convert an array to an object of a class and vice-versa, count the number of elements, serialize the object to JSON format, search for elements that match a condition, return a limited range of object elements, merge the elements of two objects, create a copy of ...
  13. XML Helper
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    This PHP script is used to extract XML data into an array and submit array data to a XML. A XML document is parsed and its content return an nested array that displays the XML document structure and data.It can also do the opposite if needed, take an array with a document structure and data and generate a XML document ...
  14. Combination Script
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    This PHP script is mainly used to generate combinations of an array of values. It takes an array of valued and generates all possible combinations of those values including permutation of order of the values. The admin can configure the script to only supply unique combinations. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
  15. No Screenshot
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    This PHP script is mainly used to sort arrays or MySQL searches by relevance. The script can search for a string in an array of a MySQL query result. It returns an array of search result entries that is sorted by a criteria of relevance implemented within the script. A number representing the relevance is returned within the sorted search ...
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