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    array_dump.class.php is meant to generate a view of the data in a simple or multidimensional array using indentation and different colors for different results.
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    Easy to use and fit into your layout calendar. Returns all in one easy to handle array. Including: 11 languages, intelligent linker function
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    Text files are a common means to store data that many application still use, like for instance log files or tabular data files.This class is meant to convert tabular text data or files into arrays.After converting the data into an array, it is easier to manipulate or convert to other formats, such as inserting into databases or generating reports.
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    c_mysql is a MySQL database access wrapper that can retrieve data records either in arrays or XML documents. It can execute SQL queries for selecting, inserting updating and deleting data records in a given MySQL database table.c_mysql also provides error reporting support by either outputting error messages to the browser, to a error log file, both or neither.
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    parseCSS, a class for parsing CSS files or strings. Features of parseCSS:- Returns associative array containing all css parameters.- Generates a css from associative array.- Package also includes demo code for using this class with Flash file so that a Flash animation can use styles from CSS stylesheet (Code by Feike Brouwer).Example: associative array $oCSS->css["body"]["font-size"]="12pt;"
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    Sort script provides and implementation of several algorithms to sort the elements of an array. The algorithms that are implemented are: Merge sort, Shell sort and Bubble sort.
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    Mergesort produces a sorted sequence of an array form index $startuntil index $end.function Merge_sort sorts the input array directly. function MS_get gives a new array with a sorted sequence of the input array and leave the input array unchanged.
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    Brim::QuickSort implements the QuickSort algorithm to sort arrays of objects.It uses a comparator callback class with a function that compares two objects and returns -1, 0 or 1 to indicate whether the objects are equal or which one is greater in respect to the sorting criteria.
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    PHP Scraper is meant to fetch remote HTML pages and parse them to extract structured information into arrays. It can take a model of the definition of the structure of a given page and process it to clip the relevant fields of information.
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    Array 2 XML is capable of storing the data of associative arrays in XML files using DOM PHP 5 extension API.It supports specifying the XML output file name, the document root name, the output encoding. It also supports storing nested associative arrays.
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    The PHP Report classes are used to create html report pages from a generic result set array. A result set is any array you can came up with. That usually means the result of a sql query, and normally it is not ready for display. The classes here are used to parse that result using HTML templates. Sometimes you need ...
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    A random script that ensures to pick only out of the entires that exist in the table. CzarRand compiles an array of the entries currently in the table, then selects a random entry from that array. CzarRand is very fast, and works with anything you can put in a MySQL database, including HTML tags such as links and images.
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