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    Listview can be used to generate HTML tables to display lists of arbitrary types of data that can be sorted.The data to be listed is passed to the main class in bidimensional arrays. The title of the columns of the data array is specified separately.A separate render class outputs the list as an HTML table. The titles of the columns ...
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    Dictionary class implements the IDictionary interface to access associative arrays. It is based on the Dictionary Object of the Microsoft Scripting Runtime Library. It is a PHP Dictionary object equivalent to the Perl associative array.The dictionary items can be any type. These items are stored in the dictionary array. Each item is associated to an unique key. The key is ...
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    Class CSV is a very simple class that can be used to convert an array into a CSV row value.It traverses the array to pick each entry value, escapes the values and concatenates in a string that can be stored in a row of a CSV file.
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    format_page is a class that will format an array of scalars (like strings) neatly into an arbitrary number of equal sized columns. Uses an HTML table to do this, wrapping from left to right.Modelled after the output from the format_page() SimulEfun in thlt;p>Modelled a
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    bin2array allows you to convert or get data in: binary, hexa, decimal, etc and use it as integer, string, array representations.
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    Mysqlx is a simple MySQL database access wrapper. It can establish database connections and execute SQL queries storing the results in array class variables.When an error occurs, the class outputs the error and sends a e-mail message to an administrator address with all the details about the error.
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    checkidd checks german passport IDDs for correct syntax and checksumscheckidd returns information in an array like this:Array([0]=> 1 / 0 | syntax check[1]=> 1 / 0 | 1.checksum[2]=> 1 / 0 | 2.checksum[3]=> 1 / 0 | 3.checksum[4]=> 1 / 0 | overall checksum[5]=> passport number[6]=> day of birth (dd.mm.yy))
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    SortMultiArray will return a sorted multi-dimmensional array sorted by one of the columns in the array. It can sort in ascending and descenting order.
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    Country Config is meant to read or write XML files with country codes and associated country name and other information.Country Config uses ianacclister class to build a country information listing as an associative array. It also uses Config class to write the country information to a country-codes.xml fileThe readConfiguration function reads from that file, returning an array keyed by country ...
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    The SimpleDB class implements a PHP algorithm to store associative arrays in files without using any PHP database function. The key feature is the use of flock to prevent corrupting files.If you do not have a database and want to create a simple application, this is a good option for you.With the SimpleDB class come two example applications of counters:- ...
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    Stat1 is a statistic class that accepts one or two unidimensional arrays of data.
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    A Cute and rather unique sorting technique. Easy way to manipulate your array.
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    MySQL RecordSet class provides automatic erase by ID, erase by Array, check SQL between other functions. The MySQL Connection is required.
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    DaocGuildXML parses the XML feed supplied by the Camelot Herald.DaocGuildXML will parse any guild XML feed into a hash array tree. There are a couple of helper functions to return the member list array and a list of attributes for each member.
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    fileStorage just reads and writes data from ant to a file. The data is kept in an asociative array inside the class and serialized for writing.fileStorage also supports adding variable references in a storage (so you can register a variable and automatically have the newest value of it in the storage).
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