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    A bidimensional array containing the list of tags and data in groups of records defined by top level XML tags, is returned.
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    ArrayList should be a helpful tool to simplify the handling of lists in PHP. It is similar to the java.util.ArrayList class of Java. You are able to delete, modify, add and iterate list entries.
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    Array to XML be used to generate XML documents from associative arrays. It traverses an associative array recursively.Array element keys are converted into XML tags. Array element string values are converted into child data or tags. If an array element value is another array it is converted into a nested set of tags.The generated XML document is stored in class ...
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    dyn_php can be used to generate PHP code programmatically. Currently it can add scalar variable definitions, array variables and constants.When the code definition is done, dyn_php can save the generated code to a PHP file.
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    Enhanced QuickSort implements an enhanced version of the quicksort algorithm to sort an array of comparable values.Enhanced QuickSort uses a cutoff point to switch to an insertion sort when the array size has become too small for quicksort to be useful. It is recommended for use with arrays of 10,000 items or less.Enhanced QuickSort can sort comparable values of type ...
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    Array to List can be used to display an HTML list of entries from nested array. It traverses the array and display its entries and items of an unordered HTML list.Entries that have array values are displayed as nested lists. Entries with other types of values can be displayed optionally with the values followed by the entry indexes.The type of ...
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    coMySQLClass is a MySQL database access wrapper.Functions of coMySQLClass:- Establish database connections to a given host and database name- Execute SQL queries- Retrieve query results into associative arrays- Compose and execute SELECT, UPDATE and INSERT queries to a given table from lists of parameters
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    Clean XML To Array can be used to parse XML documents. It parses the XML document from a file or string, and builds an nested array with nodes for each document tag.
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    Array Multi Sort class is meant to sort arrays of associative arrays like those returned as result sets database query functions.It can sort the result arrays considering multiple result columns. It can perform ascendent or descendent sorting onb each column.Columns of dates are sorted correctly if they comply with GNU date syntax.
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    Extended Array Object can be used to create and manipulate arrays as objects in a similar way to Ruby and prototype framework. It can create array objects from an existing array value or from a list of array member values.Extended Array Object provides functions to:- Traverse all array members using a callback function- Determine the different between two arrays- Get ...
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    DigiOz MySQL Database Class is a simple MySQL database access wrapper class.DigiOz MySQL Database Class can establish MySQL database connections, execute SQL queries and return the results as single row arrays, as a multiple row bidimensional array, or the number of rows in the result set, and list the tables in the current database.
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    DBWrapper is a MySQL database access wrapper.Functions of DBWrapper:- Establish connections of a given MySQL server- Execute SQL queries- Retrieve query result rows individually or all at once into arrays- Retrieve the last inserted identifier, affected table rows, total result set rows and result set columns.
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    XML to array parser HTML fix can be used to parse XML documents and retrieve data into arrays. It is an improvement of the original class written by MA Razzaque Rupom to make it process XML with illegal characters used in HTML documents.XML to array parser HTML fix pre-processes the XML document to escape ampersand characters so the PHP XML ...
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    LDAP AD Class can be used to access an LDAP server and server for data in the directory. It can establish a connection to an LDAP server and authenticate with a given user and password.LDAP AD Class can also perform searches the directory with given parameters and return the results in arrays. It uses the PHP LDAP extension.
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    Polymorphic Stack is a simple class that implements a LIFO stack (Last In First Out) of values. It uses arrays to push values of any type on the top of the stack.Polymorphic Stack can also pop values from the stack by the reverse order they were pushed. It may also return the value at the top of the stack without ...
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