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    A MySQL query gets executed and the results are extracted into a single array.Query To JSON calls the PHP function json_encode to return a string with the whole result set data in the JSON format.Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    XML To Array can be used to parse XML documents. The parser results are stored in an associative array with the whole document structure.Each array entry may contain nested arrays that describe the contents of the document tag structure.
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    tree_datas transforms a 2D linear array of content information into another array with a tree structure.tree_datas can be used to generate hierarchic menus for navigation in a Web site and easily return brothers, children and fathers of a given nodeThe new version is PHP5 compatible and can now sort the children of a given node.
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    SQL SELECT queries can be executed to retrieve values of individual rows with a specified primary key value into an array.DELETE queries can be executed to remove rows with a given primary key value.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    A nested associative array can be traversed and an XML document can be generated. The array entry indexes are used to define the XML tag names. The array entry values are used to define the XML tag data.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    There is a class that can send an HTTP request to a remote server passing data from a multidimensional array serialized as a XML document.HTTP requests with data serialized as XML can also be retrieved and the original array can be returned.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Array Table can output the contents of a two dimensional array as an HTML table.Array Table can display a table with headers defined by the contents of the columns of the first row with their own color and font style. The remaining rows are displayed with configurable colors that alternate depending whether the number of the row is odd or ...
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    Auto Insert can process the array of form posted values to build and execute MySQL INSERT or UPDATE queries that can add or change records of a given table.Value array indexes submitted to the form are used to automatically set the names of the form fields.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Path To XML can be used to generate XML documents from directory listings.There are two classes in Path To XML: - one to generate a XML document from an array, - a sub-class to traverse a directory recursively and build an array from the list of files.The generated XML document can be saved to a given file.
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    XML 2 Array is a simple class can parse a XML document file and build an associative array from its elements. The resulting array has as indices the XPATH location of the document data elements.
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    The PHP Expat extension is used to parse XML documents. Sofee XML Parser builds a structure in private class variables.Sofee XML Parser provides means to extract the XML document structure into an array that can be used by applications using the usual PHP array iterator functions.
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    PHP Tag Cloud builds a list of words from an associative array with multiple words that is passed to the class constructor. It may also add individual words later.Each word is associated to a weight. The weight defines the relative size of the words in the tag cloud. The words can be shuffled in order to return them randomly in ...
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    XML can also generate XML documents from nested arrays that define the document tag structure.XML can load XML documents from files or text strings. It turns the document tags into keys of a nested associative array. The resulting array is stored in a class variable.XML can also generate an XML document from an array with the document structure. The document ...
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    Associative array to XML can parse a XML document and build an array structure with the information of the tags and data of the document. It can also generate a XML document from using the entry keys and values of the associative array.
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    Arbitrary SELECT queries can be executed and the results can be returned in an array.Key Features of CMySQL:- Query values of a table and sort the results array by a given field- Query values of a table and sort the results array by the date field- Retrieve the values of table record with a given numeric or text id field ...
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