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  1. Read arguments
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    This PHP script can be used to read and validate shell command line arguments. It can parse the values of arguments passed to a PHP script started from a command line shell to validate them according to rules defined by the current script.It supports mandatory arguments, optional arguments, switch arguments, multiple alternatives to an option switches, and a special argument ...
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    This class can be used to compose HTML and XML documents programmatically.It can add tags to the document by calling functions of the class with the same name of the tags, passing tag attributes and data values as function arguments.The class may also search for tags inside others by tag ID or value Requirement: PHP 5.0
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    Overload is a base class that allows sub-classes to have functions that may be called in several ways using with a different number of arguments or arguments with different types. Calls to the overloaded functions are intercepted and are dispatched according to their types and number of arguments. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    dinamicParams can takes the name of a function, an optional object and an array with the list of parameters and calls the specified function of the object. The reflection API is used to determine the function parameters. The function is called using the parameter values passed as arguments in an array, filling missed parameters with the corresponding default values. Requirements: ...
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    Query String can manipulate query strings used in HTTP requests that are used to pass arguments and values to page scripts. It can get and set argument values, delete arguments and count the number of ocurrences in a given query string.
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    CLI is a(C)command (L)ine (I)nterface - shell argument parsing and handling class. Features of CLI classes:- automatic required arguments detection, - handling of switches without values, - automatic help page display, - support for unlimited number of arguments, - support for multiple instances of the same arguments and more.
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