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    ASoundex implements a variant of the soundex algorithm for Arabic. The soundex algorithm converts words into an hash that represents the way the word is spelled in English.ASoundex implements a modified version the algorithm to consider Arabic spelling and windows-1256 character set encoding instead of English.
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    ArCharsetD is a simple class that can be used to guess the character set encoding of an Arabic text string. It analyzes the text string and counts the frequency of occurrence of characters with certain codes.ArCharsetD computes the probability value of the text being encoded in some of the most likely character set encodings: windows-1256, iso-8859-6 and utf-8.
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    ARCon can be used to transliterate Arabic text to use only ASCII characters so it can be readable in English. It can be useful to use Arabic words in software that does not support the Arabic language.
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    MyTemplate Class is a simple template engine class that uses the PHP eval() function to replace variables contained in the template files.The class and examples code comments are in Arab.
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    Arabic and Roman Numeral Convertor can validate and convert numbers between the Arabic format used nowadays by everebody and the representation format used in the Roman empire days.
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