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  1. Graphite
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    Graphite is a PHP script for working with RDF files. RDF stands for "Resource Description Framework" and is a collection of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) specifications about Web-based metadata. This library allows PHP developers to seamlessly work with RDF data inside PHP apps. What's New in This Version:- Added "resource-description" which allows you to create subgraphs, JSON trees and ...
  2. CLImax
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    CLImax is a PHP tool for creating CLI applications, which is a small framework for simplifying the process of adding CLI commands and arguments for PHP apps. It can be used for developing stand-alone PHP CLI apps, or add CLI capabilities to an exisiting app. A demo is included with the download package. Limitations:- Still in alpha development, might change ...
  3. PHP Firewall
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    PHP Firewall is a firewall system for PHP apps. Using it to install and start immediately protecting a website against abuses, attacks and spam flow. Features of PHP Firewall:- Sanitize cookies- Sanitizes POST and GET vars- Protect URL queries- Deny access to users with IPs from reserved ranges- Protect unset PHP global vars- System logger- Send email alerts Protects against:- ...
  4. PhpDebugToolbar
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    PhpDebugToolbar is a debug toolbar for Agavi-based apps. Agavi is a powerful, scalable PHP5 application framework that follows the MVC paradigm. This toolbar shows what and how stuff happens in an Agavi app. Features of PhpDebugToolbar:- Show a toolbar with memory usage, database usage and logging information- Doctrine/Propel database queries and query groups + count + time + memory- Show ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    lib_oauth is a PHP library for working with OAuth in PHP 4.x. It is only works with the older version of OAuth, 1.0a, so it can only be used for apps not yet updated to OAuth2. Features of lib_oauth:- Flickr compatibility- POST support- cURL support Requirements:- PHP 4 only
  6. Webify Photo Gallery
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    Webify Photo Gallery is a free PHP Photo Gallery Script. Templatable, unified multi-admin, plug and play, multi-lingual Website Apps (PHP Scripts) that are super easy to use and totally customizable. Features of Webify Photo Gallery:- Drag and Drop Photos.- Multiple Simultaneous Uploads.- Automatic image re-sizing.- Beautiful Lightbox Gallery. Requirements:- PHP 4 or Higher- MySQL- Supported Server OS: Mac/Windows/Linux
  7. php.mo
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    This is a PHP library for convertinng '.po' files to binary '.mo'files. The library is a must-have tool when dealing with gettext, translation apps or having to to i18n.If no $output_file specified, output filename is same as $input_file (but .mo). The library returns true/false for success/failure.
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